Mobility World has its roots all the way back in 1990, when it began trading in the local area. Back then, we wanted to offer an alternative to direct sales of disability products. We also wanted to give customers the opportunity to visit a showroom, where they could test and observe the products they were interested in first-hand.

After a highly successful three years, Mobility World decided to go national, becoming a limited company in 1993. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, providing quality mobility aids and solutions to our cherished customers.

We have added to the range over the years in order to meet high local demand, and we now boast one of the most comprehensive and diverse collections of products to facilitate independent living in the UK. From walking frames to commodes, and from recliner chairs to orthopaedic mattresses, our range has something to meet every need and circumstance.

Where can I find you?

Our two high street stores are situated in Harrow and Letchworth. The showroom in Harrow especially is in a very central location, close to local transport links, making it really easy to find for anyone looking for us.

We also sell all of our products online, with this huge e-commerce store. Many of our customers can’t make it down to our showrooms in person, so moving some of our stock online was crucial in ensuring we cater to as many people as possible within the area.

Why shop at Mobility World?

Many of the companies and stores that sell products for those with reduced mobility are packed full of high-value items like road-legal mobility scooters and mattress elevators. But what about the small-value items that make such a huge difference to so many lives?

The great news is, here at Mobility World, we stock both. From kitchen equipment and support cushions that will help you around the home, to portable mobility scooters and stairlifts that will help you get from A to B.

With twenty-five years in the business, we are the experts on all things related to independent living. Our customers come to us for our knowledge and insight, as well as our straight-forward advice that puts our customer’s needs first. We’ll always try to get to know each and every customer that walks through the door, so that we can better recommend suitable products that will enhance their quality of life. That’s why many customers come back to Mobility World – and it’s why you should too!