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Enjoy Your Entire Home With A Range Of Straight, Curved Or Outdoor Acorn Stair Lift .

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For those with reduced or difficult mobility, negotiating stairs can be one of the hardest challenges; and being confined downstairs can dramatically reduce your ability to enjoy all that your home has to offer.

An Acorn Stair lift can quickly and easily restore your access, making stairs a breeze to negotiate in no time at all!

Here are just a few of the things that make Acorn Stair lifts an ideal addition to your home:

  • Whisper-quiet operation – with specially designed motors that run virtually silently, you can use your stair lift day or night without annoying noise.
  • Soft start/stop technology – riding your Acorn Stair lift is a smooth and pleasant experience, with no nasty jolts and bumps.
  • Locking swivel seat – the swivel mechanism makes getting in and out of the seat easy, while the lock keeps you safely in place as you go.
  • Clear digital display – mounted on the carriage, this clearly shows when the unit is in its safe operating mode.
  • Folding seat and footrest – this means the stairs are not cluttered or blocked for others to use, keeping everyone safe and secure.


For more information on how an Acorn Stair lift could give you the independence you need, call us today on 0800 0169256. In just 20 to 30 minutes we’ll let you know if your home is suitable for a stair lift installation, and provide you with a guaranteed quotation.

Please note – our first priority is your well-being. We will NEVER try to sell you a product or service which you do not both want and need. Our advice is free and impartial, and if we believe one of our products is not the right solution for you, we will tell you up front, and help your source a solution that is perfect for you.

For more information on how you can enjoy greater mobility in your home and outdoors, follow the links, or call us today on 0800 0169256.
You don’t need to compromise your lifestyle and freedom because of difficulty getting up and down the stairs. A stairlift could be your key to retaining independence, whilst still being able to enjoy the beauty and space of your home.

You might be surprised by just how easy and hassle-free is stairlift installation. It takes just under an hour to fit and test a fully operational Acorn Stairlift.

An independent research study shows that customers found the process simple, quick and clean – in fact, their only regret was that they hadn’t done it sooner.

“Since having a stairlift fitted, I have to say the difference is astonishing, I can now go up stairs with ease and confidence when I like.”

Mr Hellery, Hampshire

“The day I had my Acorn fitted it was such a relief being able to glide up and down the stairs whenever I felt like it – I just wished I’d bought one sooner.”

Mrs Newton, County Durham

Why Acorn Stairift is Special?

Whisper-quiet operation. Due to the stairlift’s DC power supply. ACORN Superglide Stairlifts :Seat Swivel

Joystick and Infra-red remote control operation. The lift can be ‘sent’ or ‘called’ to wherever it is needed. ACORN Superglide

Infra-Red Remote Control

‘Soft start / soft stop’ technology – there is no jolting or lurching as the lift starts or finishes its journey.

Swivel seat with locking catch – ensures easy mounting and dismounting from the stairlift. The lift will not operate unless the seat is in the correct riding position.

Diagnostic digital display mounted on the stairlift carriage shows clearly when the lift is in the normal operating position and also provides invaluable diagnostic information in the unlikely event of a fault with your stairlift.

Folding Seat & Footrest means the stairs remain available for use by others when the stairlift is not in use.

The Next Step….

Now that you’ve read this far you are probably getting a good idea about Acorn Stairlift’s high level of quality and service but you’ll want to know to things:

  • Is my home suitable for a stairlift?
  • What are the costs involved?

To answer these questions just call on 0800 0169256 or to request call back now just complete our easy form below and one of our team of experienced surveyors based throughout the UK will call and assess your stairs for suitability.

They will then leave you with the guaranteed quote and the whole process usually only takes 20-30 minutes.


We understand your circumstances and are happy to arrange for FREE HOME TRIAL so you can be sure you are making the right choice.

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Mobility World Price Promise

As an Accredited Partner of Acorn Stairlifts we promise that we will never be beaten on quality and price. We guarantee to beat any written quote for a straight stairlift.

We promise that our surveyors will never try to sell you anything you neither want or need. When it comes to stairlifts we are the experts.