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Electric Riser Recliner Chairs

Electric Riser Recliner chair may be the answer if you find sitting down just as difficult as standing up. Many people find they can no longer live independently because they need assistance getting in and out of their comfortable chairs – but with a practical, functional riser-recliner, people can remain within their homes for longer, living an independent lifestyle.

Having a supportive, comfortable chair is crucial for people who suffer from limited mobility. A made-to-measure Electric Riser Recliner chair can help people to relax their muscles, aiding recovery, enhancing posture and above all, making sure they’re comfortable.

Here at Mobility World, we have a great range of electric riser-recliner chairs that you can browse at will. With a variety of designs, sizes and price brackets, we can help customers choose the option that best suits their own needs.

About our electric riser-recliner chairs

All of our Electric Riser Recliner chair within our assessment area are delivered fully assembled and ready to use straight away. Our team will show you how all of the control works and you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the set-up before we complete the handover. Full instructions and guidance will also be provided.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with one of our Electric Riser Recliner chair, our in-house engineers are on hand to put it right. Your freedom is our priority! We’ll arrange for someone to visit you in order to repair the chair – or we’ll provide a like-for-like replacement.

Your convenience is at the top of our priority list at Mobility World – and we’ll always strive to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with any Electric Riser Recliner chair you buy from us.

A personal service

Before you commit to choosing an Electric Riser Recliner chair, come into one of our two high street showrooms and have a chat with one of our staff members. With twenty-five years of experience matching customers to their ideal mobility solutions, our team can help you find the chair that best fits your own needs and circumstances – as well as taking into account things like budget, style and other preferences.

Please note we do not sell Electric Riser Recliner Chairs outside our home assessment area due to our ethical policy, if you sadly fall outside our home assessment area please contact your nearest branch for further assistance.

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