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Freerider Mayfair 4 Mobility Scooter

The Mayfair is mid-sized, but appeals to many, thanks to its easy driving style on pavements, pathways and passages. It’s like driving a handy little hatchback.

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Product Information

Mayfair popular. practical and affordable.


Shorter, lighter and steadier than their on the road cousins, Class 2 scooters like the Mayfair are no less pleasurable to drive. Easy handling means 4mph is all the speed you need.


Carrying up to 21 stones the Mayfair may be slight, but still packs might. The adjustable captain’s seat gives everyone a comfy driving position.


With a rear-view mirror, front and rear lighting and indicators you can safely drive at night or on dark winter afternoons, clearly letting other pavement users know you’re there.

Class: 2
Overall Length
Overall Length: 47”/119cm
Overall Width
Overall Width: 24”/61cm
Wheel/Tyres: 10” Pneumatic
Rear: 10” Pneumatic
Turning Radius
Turning Radius: 42”/107cm
Ground Clearance
Ground Clearance: 4”/10.2cm
seat: Captain
Total Weight
Total Weight:196lbs/89kgs
Maximum Speed
Maximum Speed: 4mph/6.4km
Battery: 2 x 36Ah or 50Ah options
Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity: up to 21st /132kgs
Max Gradient:  8%
Suspension: No

Colours: Red / Blue

PIP weekly rental:

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Maximum battery range:

This is how far the product will travel on average once fully charged. This range is an estimation only and will vary by use, the type of ground, the weight carried by the product, condition of the motor and the charge level of the battery. Make sure you take into account your return journeys.

11 miles
Maximum speed:

This is the maximum speed (mph) each model can travel. All products capable of speeds greater than 4mph will have controls that allow you to limit the speed to 4mph for pavements.

4 mph
Maximum user weight:

This is the maximum weight the product is designed safely to carry.

113 kg