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  • Trionic Rollator Walker Combi Rollator 9er, 12er and 14er.

    Rollator Walker 9er

    The Combi Rollator

    The Walker 9er is an excellent choice for a rollator that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    With its 9" Inches / 23 cms wheels and extra-soft PU tyres, you'll be able to enjoy high comfort and a well-balanced performance. The Walker 9er is the most compact model, and it's light and small enough to store and transport easily. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    Because of its hub brakes, the 9er has much softer PU-tires than other premium rollators. The tyres are about 50%  percent softer than the competition, which increases your level of comfort when you hit obstacles or walk along cobblestone streets. They also have a distinct tread that provides a secure grip and optimal safety.

    The Walker 9er has been thoroughly tested and approved in accordance with the European rollator/walker standard (ISO-11199). It is also CE marked.

    Rollator Walker 12er

    The Outdoor Rollator

    Do you need a rollator that can handle cobblestones and bumpy streets?

    The Walker 12er will then be your faithful companion when venturing outside.

    The Trionic Walker 12er increases the wheel size to 12" Inches / 31cms and is an excellent outdoor rollator. The Walker 12er has air-pressured tyres to increase your level of comfort even further. The 12er is the ideal companion for grocery shopping, daily strolls, and enjoying the outdoors. You can select from three different tyres depending on where you intend to use your Walker 12er.

    Rollator Walker 14er

    The Terminator

    When you only want the best.

    When you only want the best. The Tronic Walker 14er is the world's first rollator with 14" Inches wheels.

    Trionic takes another step forward with the Trionic Walker 14er. It is the first rollator with 14" inches large wheels (36 cms). A larger wheel simply performs better on uneven terrain. The Walker 14er will provide you with an unparalleled rollator experience.

    We call it the "terminator" because it leaves all other rollators trailing behind it. This machine allows you to walk longer distances at a faster pace and with greater ease!

    The Walker 14er has been thoroughly tested and approved in accordance with the European rollator/walker standard (ISO-11199). It is also CE marked.

    Functions & Features

    The products are equipped with the following functions and features:

    SuperSoft PU-Tires. (Rollator Walker 9er)

    The Walker 9er is outfitted with SuperSoft PU-tires that provide a softer ride and a high level of comfort. Because they do not cause vibration like hard solid rollator tyres, you are less likely to experience pain and discomfort.

    Air-Pressured Tires

    Air-Pressured Tires. Smoothen Your Ride.  (Rollator Walker 12er and 14er)

    The product has air-pressured tyres, which provide a softer ride and unrivalled comfort. You are less likely to experience pain and discomfort because they do not cause vibration like solid tyres do.

    Air-Pressured Tires   Air-Pressured Tires

    Trionic Syncro Steering. No Shimmying Wheels. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    Conventional rollators suffer from shimmying and skewed swivel wheels. The new Trionic Walker is equipped with a synchronized steering feature that completely eliminates the problems with shimmying wheels (patent pending).

    Trionic Syncro Steering Trionic Syncro Steering Trionic Syncro Steering

    09" Big Wheels. Performance is Everything. (Rollator Walker 9er)

    Simply put, a larger wheel outperforms a smaller wheel. In comparison to standard 8" Inches / 20 cms wheels, the Walker's 9" Inches /23 cms big wheels will help you better manage obstacles and uneven ground, and your comfort level will increase on any uneven surface.


    12" Big Wheels. Performance is Everything. (Rollator Walker 12er)

    A larger wheel simply outperforms a smaller one. You'll be able to navigate obstacles and rough terrain with the 12" Inches /31 cms large wheels, and your comfort level will increase on any uneven surface.


    14" Big Wheels. Performance is Everything. (Rollator Walker 14er)

    A bigger wheel simply performs better than a small wheel. With the 14" Inches / 36 cms big wheels you’ll manage obstacles and rough ground, and your comfort level will increase on any uneven surface.


    Multiply Adjustable. Excellent Ergonomics. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    To provide the best ergonomics, the handles are increment-free adjustable in height and can be turned outwards/inwards. Additionally, the grips are angle-adjustable, allowing you to find your ideal hand position. When compared to other rollators, the seat is further forward, giving you more space for your legs when walking. As you move closer to the rollator, your posture improves and becomes more upright.

    Multiply AdjustableMultiply AdjustableMultiply Adjustable

    Quick Folding. Easy Storage. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    By pulling the seat handle upwards, you can quickly and easily fold the Walker. When folded, the Walker stands upright on its own and is very compact thanks to the X-folding mechanism.

    Quick FoldingQuick FoldingQuick Folding

    All-Terrain Brakes. Safety First. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    You can always rely on optimal brake performance with the Trionic All-Terrain hub brake system, whether you're walking in the sun, pouring rain, or deep snow. The brakes are completely sealed against dirt, water, and snow.

    All-Terrain Brakes  All-Terrain Brakes  All-Terrain Brakes

    Trionic Brake Lever. No More Plastic. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    The all-aluminum brake lever has a solid and high-quality feel to it. When using the parking brake, the parking trigger is simple to use and provides three options for engaging it.

    Trionic Brake Lever  Trionic Brake Lever Trionic Brake Lever

    Seat & Basket. Water-repellent & Durable (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    Fabric made of water-repellent 600D polyester makes up the seat and basket.

    The seat is further forward in this rollator than in other rollators, allowing for more space for your legs to move while you walk.

    A 360-degree reflector band and a zippered pocket for valuables are included in the basket for increased visibility when walking after dark.

    Seat & Basket  Seat & Basket Seat & Basket

    Detachable Wheels. Easy to Transport. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    The Walker 9er, 12er, and 14er have detachable wheels with push-button quick-release axles, allowing you to quickly and easily detach the wheels to reduce transport weight and dimensions.

    Detachable Wheels Detachable Wheels Detachable Wheels

    Award-Winning Grips. Perfect for Your Hands. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    The Ergon GP1 grips provide a very comfortable grip. They are ergonomic and evenly distribute the weight you place on them. The grips are angle-adjustable and come in sizes S and L.

    Award-Winning Grips Award-Winning Grips

    Smooth Drive. Easy on Your Joints. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    The Walker 9er, 12er, and 14er provide a very smooth ride, and you avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort in your hands, elbows, and shoulders thanks to the syncro steering, air-pressured tyres, and larger wheels.

    Smooth Drive

    Trionic Flex. Improved Performance. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    A traditional 4-wheeled rollator encounters difficulties on uneven terrain because one of the four wheels loses contact with the ground. The Walker 9er, 12er, and 14er receive an additional amount of torsional flex from the new Trionic Flex feature, ensuring that all four wheels remain in contact with the ground.

    Trionic Flex Trionic Flex Trionic Flex

    100% Stainless Steel. True Outdoor Quality. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    Since many years ago, Trionic has used stainless steel axle shafts, screws, nuts, washers, and other small parts. Additionally equipped with stainless steel quick-release axles are the Velopeds and Walkers.

    100% Stainless Steel

    Trionic Primera Tires.Lighter, Softer, Faster. (Rollator Walker 9er,12er & 14er)

    Puncture resistance, skin walls, reflective logos, and a carcass constructed from a premium 60 TPI weave that is flexible and extremely strong. You get a lighter tyre with greater comfort and a smoother ride with the Trionic Primera tyre.

    Trionic Primera Tires  Trionic Primera Tires  Trionic Primera Tires

    Additional Features

    The Walker rollator offers several unique and performance-enhancing functions and features:

    • Height-adjustable grips free from fixed increments.
    • Foldable frame and detachable wheels with quick-releases.
    • Seat positioned further to the front for increased leg space when walking.
    • ATB — All-Terrain Brakes for optimal safety.
    • High-quality All-Aluminium-Design.
    • Basket with zippered pocket.
    • Motion- and parking brake.
    • Angle-adjustable grips.

    Dimensions & Weights / Model Comparison

    Below you will find all dimensions and weights, and also a model comparison chart, for the different Walker models.

    Tested & Approved

    • The Walker is tested and fully approved according to ISO 11199-2:2005, the relevant standard for rollators.
    • The Walker is registered as a “Class 1 Medical Device”, and it bears a CE-mark.
    • The Walker includes a 10-year guarantee*, parts subject to wear excluded.

    Model comparison: Features & Functions

    Optimize Your product

    We are all unique individuals with distinct preferences and needs. When ordering, you can select from a variety of tyres, tubes, and grips to tailor your product to your specific needs.

    Grip Options. Fit Them Like a Glove.

    Customize your cockpit with various grip options. The Ergon grips are available in two materials: rubber and BioKork, and in two sizes: S (6.5-8.5) and L. (8.5-12.0).

    Walker Grip Options

    You can choose between two different grips, that are both available in two sizes.

    Ergo 1 – size M/L

    Ergo 1 grip which is delivered as standard.

    Ergon GP1 (Small)

    Ergon GP1 (Large)

    The original ergonomic grip. The GP1 sets the global standard for ergonomic comfort, materials, and quality.

    The GP1 eliminates numb hands, aching fingers, and tired forearms.

    The grip body is made of 100% German, TÜV-certified rubber compounds of the highest quality, with infused Medical-grade white mineral oil for improved flexibility and durability. A forged aluminium clamp allows the grip angle to be adjusted for a perfect fit, is easily readjustable, and eliminates twisting once installed.

    Two sizes: • Size S for hand size 6.5-8.5 • Size L for hand size 8.5-12.0

    Ergon GP1 BioKork (Small)

    Ergon GP1 BioKork (Large)

    The GP1 BioKork grip is a top-rated option and a customer favourite because it combines ergonomics, utility, and sustainability.

    40% of the material used to make the grip is cork, which was obtained from Portugal's certified sustainable forests. The inner core of the grip is made of a reinforced plastic that contains natural fibres, which account for 20% of its mass. This inner core reinforces the grip's green, sustainable theme throughout the entire construction.

    Two sizes: • Size S for hand size 6.5-8.5 • Size L for hand size 8.5-12.0

    Tire Options. Optimize Your Ride.

    You can choose between three different tires that suit different types of ground and terrain, all depending on where you will use your product.

    Walker Tire Options

    You can choose between two different air-pressured tires, that offer different tire treads and performances.

    Trionic X-Country Air-Pressured Tire

    Our top pick for tyres! All-purpose tyre for both city and off-road use. The X-Country offers excellent suspension because of its flexible carcass. The off-road use, trails, gravel, snow, tarmac, and cobblestones are all suitable for the mountain bike-like tread. with reflective logos, "Skin Wall," and T-Guard puncture protection.

    Schwalbe Big Apple Air-Pressured Tire

    The unique Balloon-tire design from German Schwalbe provides you with maximum air suspension. The smooth profile, KevlarGuard puncture-protection and reflective lining make the Big Apple perfect for everyday walking – day and night.

    Tube Options 12"/14". Air Suspension.

    CST Inner Tube

    All our models are equipped with high-quality butyl inner tubes from CST. The CST tube holds the pressure longer, in comparison with most other inner tubes. Car/Schraeder valve.


    Schwalbe Inner Tube

    .A tube is more than just a tube. Because of their rubber mixture and material purity, Schwalbe tubes retain pressure longer than all other tubes. Schwalbe tubes are the only ones with the coveted "VSF-All Ride" seal of approval. The Car-Schraeder valve

    • Schwalbe Tube 12 inch - Schwalbe tubes hold the pressure considerably longer than conventional tubes, thanks to the purity of the rubber compound.
    • Schwalbe Tube 14 inch - Schwalbe tubes hold the pressure considerably longer than conventional tubes, thanks to the purity of the rubber compound.

    Optional Accessories

    Look through a variety of Trionic Walker accessories. Bottle holders, cane holders, pumps, rain covers, LED lights, backrests, bottles, and cable locks are among the items.

    Sports Bottle

    High-quality sports bottle made odour-free plastic.
    Volume: 55 cl

    Walker LED front light

    Front light with a super bright white LED for increased visibility. Rubber strap allows for tool-free installation and removal, as well as multiple mounting positions. Ideally, it should be attached to Walker's grip tube.
    Incl. batteries ( 2 x CR2032, 3V).

    Wire Lock

    Strong wire lock with frame bracket and 2 keys.
    10 x L900 mm in size.

    Walker Rain Cover

    Rain cover that protects the seat and basket of the Walker.
    2-color design: silver/black


    Walker Bottle Holder

    Universal-size aluminum bottle holder, that is fastened to the Walker frame with 2 screws. Color: Black

    Walker Cane Holder

    2-piece cane holder that is attached to the handle and the frame of the Walker. The upper part has a smart quick-lock function, and the cane can quickly be attached and removed.

    Walker LED rear lights (pair)

    With these two rear LED lights, you can be seen from any angle.
    with flexible straps that allow for multiple attachment positions, flashing or steady mode, and both. The new lens improves side visibility, which raises your level of safety. Incl. batteries ( 2 x CR2032, 3V).


    Multi-Function Pump

    This smart pump can function as both a hand pump and a floor pump. For improved leverage, a fold-out foot pad keeps the pump steady. The T-handle provides a secure grip, and the flexible hose protects the valve from damage or breakage.
    Incl. The frame bracket.




    Walker Backrest

    The ergonomic and padded backrest, made from water-repellent and durable 600D polyester, fits the rollators Walker 9er, 12er, and 14er. It offers comfortable and safe support when you are seated. The length/depth of the backrest is adjustable. The backrest is delivered in three different lengths, S, M, and L. Please choose the correct length according to your body height.
    Incl.: Reflective band



    Walker Transport Bag

    The Walker transport bag is suitable for transport by plane, car, bus, and train. During transport, the bag protects the Walker from scratches, impacts, and dirt.

    The Walker transport bag includes:

    • A separate smaller bag in which you can pack the main bag when not in use, to make it easier to carry it and bring it with you.
    • A sewn-in protection pad is placed between the front wheel forks, to protect them from scratches.

    Material: Sturdy 2-layer polyester with foam between the two layers. The outer surface is water-repellent. Full zipper for easier packing.

    Color: Black

    Dimensions: Length 90 cm x Width 30 cm x Height 92 cm