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  • Days Toilet Surround with Floor Fixing Feet
    £43.54 With Vat Relief
  • Homecraft Toilet Safety Frame
    £53.00 With Vat Relief
  • Homecraft Adjustable Toilet Surround
    £65.88 With Vat Relief
  • Days Raised Toilet Seat And Height Adjustable Frame
    £74.00 With Vat Relief
  • Stirling Adjustable Toilet Frame
    £88.38 With Vat Relief
  • Toilet Surround and Frames for the Disabled

    At Mobility World, our interest is in supporting mobility and independence. At our two showrooms, one in Harrow and one in Letchworth, you can drop by anytime to check out our disability products for yourself.

    Having had more than a couple of decades in this field, we have deep knowledge of the products we sell and which product to use for specific situations. If you need any help with determining the best solution, get in touch with our team, and we'll be able to give you sound advice.   

    Contact us via our messenger system or by phone, or our contact form. We're known for being friendly and helpful and are waiting to hear from you.


    Toilet Surrounds and Frames for You

    Browse our toilet surrounds and frames. Every one of these help with using the toilet by making it more accessible. It's possible to lean on the arms or bars of these frames and surrounds to make lowering and raising easier.

    We will get your order over to you via courier within three and five business days.

    Which toilet surrounds and frames do we stock?

    If you need to use a toilet surround or a frame when using the toilet, then you typically need a little extra support and help with getting on and off the toilet. Perhaps you've recently had a knee, hip or ankle operation, or maybe you have arthritis. Whatever the case, every one of these products can give you that support.

    It's vital to us that we offer quality products that provide the solution you need.  For that reason, we carefully pick our products and ensure that they deliver on their promise of supporting the disabled, aged or the injured.

    Here are some of the products that we offer in our toilet surrounds and frames collection:

    Toilet surround – in effect, the toilet surround adds armrests to the toilet to make it easier to lower and raise to the toilet seat.

    Toilet safety frame – with the frame, you get armrests to make it easier to use the toilet.

    Adjustable toilet seat and frame – enjoy the benefits of a height-adjustable frame with a clip-on toilet seat that raises the height of where you sit.


    You can expect excellent customer service from the Mobility World team

    We can't say that we are the only people who sell these types of disability products online, but we can tell you that we think we give some of the best support and advice. Working in this field for so long, we know what makes the difference with our products and know which one is best for a particular situation. Whatever you need to know about our toilet surrounds and frames, ask, and we'll tell you what you need to know.

    Advising customers is part of our job; we love doing it, and our team is friendly.

    Delivery of your toilet surrounds and frames

    Your order of toilet surrounds and frames are delivered within 3 to 5 business days.  You can find out more about our shipping here.

    Here's what else we can help you with

    As far as we know, no other disability product store offers as much as we do. Our products make life easier for anybody with a disability, an injury, or a few effects of old age.

    In addition to our toilet surrounds and frames, we also sell products ranging from personal care and bottom wipers to sanitising wipes to incontinence bed protection to mobility scooters and wheelchairs – we have it all. Just browse our store, and you can see it all for yourself.

    If you have any questions or need to know more about any particular product, whether it's in our range of toilet surrounds and frames or something else, get in touch. You can contact us via our online messenger or by phone. We're ready and waiting to hear from you to help you make your choice of disability products.