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  • Homecraft Dorking Tights & Stocking Puller
    £5.08 With Vat Relief
  • Homecraft Terry Cloth Sock Aid
    £14.00 With Vat Relief
  • Homecraft Brevetti Sock& Stocking Puller
    £25.00 With Vat Relief
  • Dorking Stocking Donner
    £27.00 With Vat Relief
  • SlipLift Pants Aid
    £39.79 With Vat Relief
  • Tights Aids
  • Compression Stocking Aid
  • Etac Beauty Hair Care Range
    £19.54 With Vat Relief
  • Atlantis Long Handled Brush
  • Atlantis Long Handled Comb
  • Dressing Stick
    £6.16 With Vat Relief
  • Homecraft Kings Button Hook
    £11.00 With Vat Relief
  • Homecraft Long Handled Shoehorn - 24"
    £11.00 With Vat Relief
  • Homecraft Long Handled Shoehorn
    £4.00 With Vat Relief
  • Good Grips Shoe Horn
    £16.49 Inc Vat
  • Homecraft Easigrip Chiropodist Scissors
    £15.60 Inc Vat
  • Table Top Finger Nail Clipper
  • Zip Grip
  • Ring Zipper Aids
  • Dressing and Grooming Aids for the Disabled

     Increasing mobility and independence is our primary focus here at Mobility World. All our products are chosen to support the disabled, injured or elderly – including our dressing and grooming aids.

    You should also know that in addition to our online superstore, we have two showrooms. These are in Harrow and Letchworth, and you can drop by anytime during opening hours to see our products yourself.

    We've had more than two decades of supplying disability products and mobility aids, and there's not much we don't know. If you have any questions or need any help, get in touch, and our friendly team will give you the answers you need.

    Dressing and Grooming Aids for You

    Browse our dressing and grooming aids collection. Here you'll find tights and stocking pullers, sock aids, long-handled hairbrushes and combs, shoe horns and dressing sticks – all curated to support getting dressed independently.

    Once you've decided what would be most helpful for you, we will send out your order and arrange for it to be delivered by courier within three to five business days.

    Which dressing and grooming aids do we stock?

    If you're on the hunt for some quality grooming and dressing aids, we have them all for you here. No matter what you need, we most likely have it in stock.

    Every product we stock is chosen for being a quality product that supports maintaining mobility and independence. Here's what you'll find in our collection of dressing and grooming aids:

    Long-handled hairbrushes and combs – if your shoulders and arms aren't quite as mobile and flexible as they were before, that's no worry with these long-handled hair care aids. Minimal effort is required.

    Dressing stick – helpful in putting on underwear, jumpers, socks, and more – at one end of the rod is a hook used for pushing and pulling and a shoehorn at the other end.

    Long-handled shoehorn – reach easier with this 24" dressing aid.

    Zip Grip – attach this to a small zip that may be challenging to operate, and it's so much easier to use.

    If you can't see what you need, then get in touch as our network is broad, and we may still be able to source what you're looking for.

    You can expect excellent customer service from the Mobility World team

    Other websites sell the same products we do, but we offer something a little more here at Mobility World. Our friendly team has had extensive experience in disability products and mobility aids. We know which ones are best for specific situations and how to get the best of them. If you need any guidance, get in touch as we are more than happy to help.

    Delivery of your dressing and grooming aids

    When you've put your order in, you can expect to receive your dressing and grooming aids within three to five business days. You can find out more about our shipping here.

    Here's what else we can help you with

    We sell far more than just dressing and grooming aids. Take a look around the Mobility World online shop. You'll discover that we have a massive collection of products that support mobility and independence for the disabled, elderly and injured.

    If you want to see any of our products in person, feel free to drop by our showrooms. You can come to Harrow or Letchworth. If you believe you'll soon need a more significant item, such as a mobility scooter, then we can arrange for you to have a demonstration and even try it out yourself.

    Here at Mobility World, we are committed to making life easier for you and your loved ones. If you need any guidance, help or advice, then we're here for you. You can call us, email us, get in touch via our contact form or our online messenger, and one of our team will tell you all that you need to know.

    Get in touch today. We're waiting for your call.