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  • Homecraft Everyday Bath & Shower Mats
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  • Homecraft Soft Feel Bath & Shower Mats
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  • Bath Safety Strips
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  • Homecraft Sure Tread Bath & Shower Mats - Bath Mat
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  • Bathmats for the Elderly 

    Whether you're looking for slip-free bathmats, shower mats or safety strips, we've got them all here at Mobility World. Our massive collection of disability products and mobility aids support increased mobility and independence for the aged, the disabled and the injured.

    With two showrooms – one in Letchworth and one in Harrow - means you can come and see any of the products we sell in person to check whether they are the right fit for you.

    For more than x years, we've been working in the world of disability products and know exactly which products are best for specific conditions and situations. If you'd like to discuss anything with us, we're more than happy to help.

    You can either call us, fill out our contact form or contact us via our messenger system. We'll be happy to talk with you, and our team are professional and friendly experts.

    Bathmats and Shower Mats for You

    Nothing beats the refreshment power of having a bath or a shower, but it isn't without danger. Decrease the risk with our non-slip bathmats, shower mats and strips.

    Slipping over in the bath or the shower could cause a nasty injury or can even be fatal in the worst cases. Protect all the family from danger with these slip-free mats for increased safety.

    Any order you make will be sent to you via our courier service and delivered within three to five business days.

    Which bathmats, shower mats, and non-slip strips do we stock?

    Many people want an easy and economical solution to prevent slipping over in the bath or shower. Our products are all handpicked for their effectiveness in this situation.

    We stock a range of bathmats, shower mats and non-slip strips that will provide that extra grip that takes away the danger. Read on to discover which solutions we stock that will help you maintain access to the activities you love to do, such as taking a refreshing and cooling bath.

    Bathmats – a range of mats, typically with suction cups for extra safety that can attach to the bottom of the tub.

    Shower Mats – similar to our bathmats but shaped and sized for your shower, these mats help prevent slipping.

    Non-slip Strips – strips to apply to the shower tray and the bath that will give better grip on a typically slippery surface. You can use these strips in other home areas that may be slippery, such as in front of the kitchen sink, where water gets splashed onto the floor.

    You can expect excellent customer service from the Mobility World team

    You can purchase most of the products we sell from other companies and sales channels online. However, it's not every seller that can help you in the same way as the staff at Mobility World can.

    Decades of exposure means we have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge and experience in helping people continue to access the life they love. Our focus on choosing the best products to support those facing the challenges of disability, injury or ageing also gives us the edge in knowing what's out there and what are the best solutions available.

    The best thing is that not only do we have the knowledge, but we have the bedside manner and approach that makes people feel comfortable.

    We're welcoming and friendly and look forward either to you either visiting us at one of our warehouses or contacting us through another communication channel.

    Delivery of your bathmats and shower mats

    Every order that we receive is sent out with our courier service and should arrive within 5 business days.  You can find out more about our shipping here.

    Here's what else we can help you with

    The Mobility World online store and showrooms don't just sell bathmats, shower mats and non-slip strips. We have a massive inventory of all kinds of products that can help with mobility, disability and ageing.

    Whether you want a new footstool, a box of surgical face masks or even a portable bidet, we have it all for you.  

    We invite you to browse our website and learn more about the products that we supply. If you'd like some guidance on whether a product is right for you or want to know how to use it, get in touch with us today. We can also advise you on which bathmats, shower mats, or non-slip strips might be right.