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Collection: Motability Scooter Leasing Scheme

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  • Motability Scooter Leasing Scheme

    The Motability Scheme offers financial help to those who are unable to afford the right mobility solution to meet their needs. The scheme helps over 630,000 people to be mobile. How Can I Get A Scooter On Motability? To get a scooter through the Motability Scheme you must use your Government-Funded mobility allowance. Specifically, this will either be one of the following:
    • High Rate Mobility Component (HRMC) of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
    • Personal Independent Payment (PIP).
    • War Pension Mobility Supplement (WPMS).
    • Armed Forces Independent Payment (AFIP).

    Accordingly, for more information please CLICK HERE 

    motability leasing scheme

    Motability Scheme

    We offer simple, all-inclusive leasing packages designed to make getting around easier. In our Motability leasing scheme, you can choose from our wide range of scooters and powered wheelchairs. All Motability Leasing Scheme vehicles are leased to customers.  The scheme is run by Motability Operations Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All in all, we offer simple, worry-free leasing packages, designed to make getting around easier.

    Our aim is to make everything as easy as possible. Furthermore, Motability even helps with insurance, servicing, maintenance and breakdown assistance. It’s all included in the price. You just need to charge your batteries and go!


    If you can travel independently and are able to get on and off the scooter unaided. Next, you just need to check that you can steer the bicycle style steering and it could be that a mobility scooter is right for you. Available in three different sizes, disability scooters are engineered to upgrade your lifestyle with more independence. In short, we offer a huge range of scooters available through the Motability Scheme that will fit with your needs and your budget. You can even choose a new one every three years. You can see the scooters above. 


    If you want help with completing the Motability application, let us know. In short, we can help. Likewise, we are familiar with it and know what’s involved and required.

    Eligibility: Who Qualifies

    The Motability Scheme is available to those who receive any of the following:
    • the higher rate of mobility component of disability living allowance
    • enhanced rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payment
    • the War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement
    • Armed Forces Independence Payment.

    And you will need to have at 12 months of payment remaining to qualify.


    You can find out more answers to frequently asked questions about Motability here. For instance, you may need to find out more about who is eligible or how the scheme works. In addition, it's a place to find out what you’re entitled to. There are plenty of answers on the Motability Leasing Scheme site. 

    Please give us a call now to talk to our Motability Leasing Scheme Expert: Harrow on: 0208 424 2512 Letchworth on: 01462 708830