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  • Mobilis Rolyan Therapy Putty
    £4.36 Inc Vat
  • Pedal Exerciser
    £43.20 Inc Vat
  • Massage Balls
    £2.75 Inc Vat
  • Patterson Medical Anti-Burst Exercise Therapy Balls
    £26.05 Inc Vat
  • The NSD PowerBall
    £20.47 Inc Vat
  • Neck Collar
    £10.99 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan® AE Elbow Support
    £14.20 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan® AE Ankle Support
    £14.20 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan® AE Knee Support
    £14.20 Inc Vat
  • Homecraft Pill Crushers
    £20.35 Inc Vat
  • High Vision Reading Light
    £66.16 Inc Vat
  • Biofreeze Pain Relief
    £10.55 Inc Vat
  • Gel Ball Hand Exerciser
    £4.80 Inc Vat
  • Anabox Pill Organisers
    £21.40 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan AIRXTEND Wrist Support
    £13.20 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan AIRXTEND Tennis Elbow Support
    £18.00 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan AIRXTEND Knee Support
    £27.60 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan AIRXTEND Elbow Support
    £15.60 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan AIRXTEND Back Support
    £32.40 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan AIRXTEND Ankle Support
    £16.80 Inc Vat
  • Vulkan AE Wrist Support
    £14.40 Inc Vat
  • Thumper Sport Pro
    £295.20 Inc Vat
  • Standing Page Magnifier
    £20.40 Inc Vat
  • Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser
    £16.80 Inc Vat
  • Health and Leisure Mobility Aids
    Being comfortable and remaining independent in your own home isn’t just about getting the right orthopaedic mattress and installing the perfect grab-rails. It’s also crucial to have a selection of health and leisure mobility aids, products and items that can bring some fun and enjoyment to everyday life. Here at Mobility World, we have a comprehensive collection of activities, games and other accessories that allow our customers to enjoy their independent lifestyle. Whether it’s a hearing amplifier so that customers can watch their favourite TV shows, or exercise equipment to keep their hands dextrous enough to tackle crosswords or knitting, we’ve got a great range of leisure equipment that empowers our customers to live a full and enjoyable life in their own home. We also stock a range of extra products to make everyday tasks easier – like medicine dispensers and pain therapy tools. These items can become part of an individual’s everyday routine, making the process of taking crucial medication or applying pain relief much easier.
    A friendly, personal service
    Our priority is your independence – and we can only empower our customers to retain that independent lifestyle if we get to know their specific needs and situations a little better first. That way, we can help introduce customers to the health and leisure mobility aids, products and equipment that best suits their individual needs. We’ll never try the hard-sell – instead, we’ll strive to get to know our customers on a personal level to better understand the challenges they face every day. Whether we’re recommending something simple like a book stand, or a crucial item like a circulation booster, we’ll always take into account our customers’ specific needs, and strive to meet them head on with our range of products.
    Visit us today
    It’s simple to get your hands on the range of health and leisure mobility products we have available here at Mobility World. Call into one of our two stores in Harrow and Letchworth to view the products in person and give them a little test run if necessary – our friendly staff will assist you in choosing the best products for you. Alternatively, all of the products you see here are available to buy online. The process is simple to follow, and your order will be delivered to your doorstep within days – so you can be empowered to enjoy your independent lifestyle for longer.

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