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    If a Mobility Scooter & Powered Wheelchair Boot Hoist is what you need as a mobility solution, then we can help. We have a close relationship with Autochair who manufacture Autochair Mobility Scooter & Powered Wheelchair Boot Hoist for mobility scooter and wheelchair users or those who need's require a more complex solution. No matter what solution you are seeking, give us a call at our Letchworth showroom or our Harrow showroom. You can reach us at Letchworth on 01462 708830 or at Harrow on 020 8424 2512.

    Autochair Accredited Partner

    We have a close relationship with Autochair Mobility Scooter & Powered Wheelchair Boot Hoist and can guide you to the right model.

    Without needing to change your car, these hoists are easy to accommodate and allow you to take your mobility device with you wherever you go. Autochair hoists fit perfectly in most cars, as long as the boot of your vehicle opens far enough for your scooter or wheelchair to fit through.

    We offer a number of solutions including wheelchair or scooter hoists and lifts, designed especially for the loading and unloading of mobility aids to and from your vehicle for easy stowage and transport. Autochair Hoist are available under Motability or private purchase.

    The Smart Lifter is a wheelchair, scooter and powerchair hoist. Its powerful lifting capacity enables drivers to transport some of the biggest and largest scooters on the market. The Smart Lifter is capable of lifting wheelchairs, scooters and powerchairs weighing up to 200kg!

    The Smart Lifter hoist is capable of lifting all types of wheelchair, scooter or powerchair effortlessly into the back of your vehicle at the touch of a button -yet can be easily detached to save valuable space in the boot.



    The Next Step in Autochair Mobility Scooter & Powered Wheelchair Boot Hoist installation….

    Please call us on Letchworth 01462 417486 or Harrow 020 3872 2783 to arrange your Free No Obligation Home Demonstration. 

    Mobility World Price Promise As an accredited partner of Autochair, we will support you by giving you the best price and customer care. We aren’t hard-selling salespeople, we are here to help keep you independent and increase your mobility. When it comes to car hoists, we have in depth experience and expertise. Call us today about your needs. You can reach us on Letchworth 01462 417486 or Harrow 020 3872 2783

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