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  • Rolyan Elbow & Heel Protectors
    £34.06 Inc Vat
  • Medical Soft Spot
    £14.95 Inc Vat
  • Medical Insole
    £19.96 Inc Vat
  • Medical Heel Pad
    £11.95 Inc Vat
  • Fleece Open Slippers
    £35.80 Inc Vat
  • Fleece Heel Protector
    £28.80 Inc Vat
  • Feet and Heel Protection for the Disabled

    Take your pick from our feet and heel protection products. You can choose from our range of heel protectors, insoles, slippers, heel pads and more.

    Here at Mobility World, we consider it very important to provide all the products you may need to support yourself or your loved ones. Our products help those who are injured, disabled and elderly with increased mobility and independence. If you'd like to view any of our products in person, you can find us at our showrooms in Letchworth and Harrow.

    More than 20 years in supplying disability products means that we have developed a deep knowledge of which the best products to help with specific conditions.

    If you need any help making informed decisions on our products, get in touch with us, and our team will help.

    Call, email, fill out our contact form or get in touch via our messenger system. Everybody here is friendly and are looking forward to helping you. 

    Feet and Heel Protection Products for You

    Browse our feet and heel protection products to find everything from slippers to heel protectors and pads to insoles. Everything you may need to help protect your feet and heels. If you're trying to prevent pressure damage to the heels or the risk of orthopaedic ulcers – our heel protectors can help.

    When you send us your order, we will start to get it ready, and you'll receive it within three to five business days via courier.

    Which feet and heel protection products do we stock?

    The feet and heel protection products you find on our site can give you protection and relief in your feet and your entire body. These products can be soothing or help you with balance.

    Every product we sell is handpicked to meet the needs of the disabled, injured or elderly.

    Here's a selection of the type of products that you'll find in our feet and heel protection collection:

    Slippers – protection and comfort for the entire foot is found with these wool pile slippers.

    Elbow and Heel Protectors – cushioned and washable heel and elbow protectors with an inner pad so you can apply creams and lotions.

    Medical Insoles – trim these to fit your shoes and enjoy the comfort and an anti-bacterial top sheet.

    If you can't find what you want in our collection, get in touch as we still may be able to source it for you. We have a broad range of suppliers in our network.

    You can expect excellent customer service from the Mobility World team

    Of course, we aren't the only website to sell the disability products that we do. There are many others. However, we are not the same as you'll find elsewhere and offer something a little extra in the form of sound advice.

    We must share our knowledge and expertise with customers to get the best out of what they buy. You'll get solid advice and guidance from us so that you use your feet and heel protection products to the best effect.

    A friendly team of knowledgeable people are ready to take your call or read your email. Get in touch, and we will tell you all you need to know to make an informed decision on our products.

    Delivery of your feet and heel protection products

    Once you make your order, you can expect to receive your feet and heel protection products within 3 to 5 business days.  You can find out more about our shipping here.

    Here's what else we can help you with

    In addition to what you can find in our feet and heel protection products collection, we also sell all kinds of other products to support the independence and mobility of the disabled, injured and elderly. You can find mobility scooters, clothing for wheelchair users, exercise equipment and back and neck cushions.

    You're invited to browse our store and if you need any help, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're known for being helpful, friendly and full of information about our products so that you can make an informed decision on your purchase, whether it's on one of our feet and heel protection products or something else.