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  • Carell Shampoo Cap
    £2.89 Inc Vat
  • Atlantis Long Handle Toe Washer
    £10.08 With Vat Relief
  • Homecraft Fluted Grab Rails
    £8.79 With Vat Relief
  • Atlantis Contour Shower Stool
    £30.49 With Vat Relief
  • Homecraft Polished Stainless Steel Rails
    £31.17 With Vat Relief
  • Steel Grab Rail
    £7.16 With Vat Relief
  • Carell Bed Bath Gloves
    £1.99 Inc Vat
  • Atlantis Long Bath Sponge
    £4.16 With Vat Relief
  • Atlantis Bath Pillow
    £9.10 Inc Vat
  • Adjustable Bath Step
    £46.79 Inc Vat
  • Easy Bar Suction Grab Rail
    £29.95 Inc Vat
  • Lotion Applicator
    £12.00 With Vat Relief
  • Bath Safety Strips
    £7.20 Inc Vat
  • Wet Wash Glove
    £9.58 With Vat Relief
  • Atlantis Swivel Seat Shower Stool
    £47.99 With Vat Relief
  • Atlantis Safe Discs/Strips
    £10.19 Inc Vat
  • Atlantis Moulded Fluted Grab Rails
    £11.49 With Vat Relief
  • Atlantis Long Bendable Handled Sheepskin Pad
    £18.99 With Vat Relief
  • Atlantis Flannel Strap
    £17.29 Inc Vat
  • Atlantis Deluxe Lotion Applicator
    £18.29 Inc Vat
  • Atlantis Cast Protector - Child
    £17.39 Inc Vat
  • Atlantis Cast Protector - Adult
    £17.39 Inc Vat
  • Atlantis Bathing Brush
    £10.60 Inc Vat
  • Atlantis Bath Tub Grab Bar
    £30.99 With Vat Relief
  • Bath Aids & Accessories for the Elderly

    Who could say no to a refreshing bath or shower? Just because it may be a bit more of a challenge to get in and out of the tub or shower, it doesn't mean that it's lost its appeal. If you're having any challenges, you may find just the thing you need in our collection of bath aids and accessories.

    The staff at Mobility World love helping people to stay connected to their regular daily activities. Although there may be some difficulties, there are also many solutions that can help to overcome many barriers.

    On our disability products online store, you're going to discover a range of solutions to help you with bathing and showering. Don't' forget we also have a showroom in Letchworth and one in Harrow where you can come and see any of our products in person.

    If what you're interested in is something more significant such as a mobility scooter, we can arrange for you to have a demonstration.

    Having been in the disability products and mobility aids arena for the last x years, we know which products are out there, how best to use them and which conditions and challenges they can provide help with.

    If you have any questions or need any advice or help, get in touch with us. All our team are friendly and know a lot about products for the disabled, injured and aged. When it comes to all these matters, we're your right-hand team, whether it's bath aids and accessories you're looking for or any other products.

    Bath Aids and Accessories for You

    Browse our bath aids and accessories to find products that will help you get in and out of the bath and go through the bathing process. We have everything from long-handled toe cleaners to long-handled bathing brushes to grab rails and bath mats. Just take a browse as there's bound to be something that will help.

    Put in your order, and our courier service will deliver it within 3 to 5 business days.

    Which bath aids and accessories do we stock?

    Bathing and showering can become a pleasure again with our bath aids and accessories.

    We invest a lot of time and effort into picking the best products out there to support you in your mobility and independence. Here are a few products that you can expect to find in this collection and how they can help you.

    Easy bar suction grab rail – a portable grab rail that you can use for help getting into the bath or shower. Just use the suction pads, and you can add it anywhere, as opposed to having to screw it into the wall. You can even take this on holiday with you!

    Non-slip safety strips – add these to any potentially slippery surface such as the kitchen floor, bathroom floor or bath or shower to give grip.

    Cast protectors –  keep your 'plaster cast' on your leg or arm dry with our cast protectors. Available in both adult and child sizes, you can finally have a shower without affecting your cast.

    Wet Wash Glove – perfect for the bedridden, this single-use pre-treated glove has a dermatologically tested protective washing lotion.  

    You can expect excellent customer service from the Mobility World team

    You can find many of the products we sell elsewhere on the internet. However, you can't find a team like ours everywhere.

    Decades of experience and knowledge of how being aged, disabled or injured can affect daily living has been accumulated by our professional team. The good thing is that they're ready to share it with you so you can access the best possible advice.

    We know all about disability products and mobility aids and work with people who use them continually who give us feedback.

    If you'd like to discuss any of our products with us, no matter how small, we're here to provide you with the advice and support you need to make an informed decision.

    Delivery of your bath aids and accessories

    Put in your order, and we'll get everything ready for you. You can expect delivery of your bath aids and accessories within 3 to 5 business days.  You can find out more about our shipping here.

    Here's what else we can help you with

    Here at Mobility World, we don't just sell bath aids and accessories. We go all out to support our customers. Whether you are looking for a new way to get around, you want help with kitchen tasks, or you need something to wear on your wheelchair, we have it all for you right here.

    Please spend some time looking around our online shop, which is packed to the brim with disability products, and you'll most likely discover something you didn't even know existed but need.

    Get in touch today to ask us any questions, put in your order, or explore how our bath aids and accessories can help you.