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Collection: Bathing Aids & Accessories

48 products
  • Carell Shampoo Cap
  • Homecraft Polished Stainless Steel Rails
  • Steel Grab Rail
  • Atlantis Long Handle Toe Washer
  • Atlantis Contour Shower Stool
  • Atlantis Bath Pillow
  • Easy Bar Suction Grab Rail
  • Lotion Applicator
  • Bath Safety Strips
  • Carell Bed Bath Gloves
  • Wet Wash Glove
  • Bath Kit
  • Atlantis Swivel Seat Shower Stool
  • Atlantis Slatted Bathboard Handle
  • Atlantis Slatted Bathboard
  • Atlantis Slatted Bath Seat
  • Atlantis Safe Discs/Strips
  • Atlantis Moulded Fluted Grab Rails
  • Atlantis Long Bendable Handled Sheepskin Pad
  • Atlantis Long Bath Sponge
  • Atlantis Flannel Strap
  • Atlantis Deluxe Lotion Applicator
  • Atlantis Cast Protector - Child
  • Atlantis Cast Protector - Adult