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Walk-in Baths

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Walk-in Baths

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Walk-in baths bring safety and independence. Overall, they can transform the home of anybody who finds it a little challenging or impossible to get in and out of a standard bath.

Sometimes walk-in baths are called easy entry baths or easy enter baths. They are designed with a sealed door on one side. This door can be installed to swing either inside or outside of the bath. The result is a bath that is easy to enter. It brings liberation and safety to anybody whose mobility is limited.

As with standard baths, the walk-in bath is made from porcelain, acrylic, fibreglass or steel. Fibreglass is the most affordable of materials, but walk-in baths made of this aren’t always as durable or well insulated as the acrylic version. Fibreglass is easily scuffed. Before you make your choice, it’s best to do some homework to understand the pros and cons of each material. Otherwise, give us a call and we will advise you on your options and what's involved.

walk-in baths

How do walk in baths work

Bathrooms are a hazardous room for those with limited mobility or the elderly. Furthermore, water spills on floors create a very slippery surface. In addition, getting in and out of a bath can be very difficult for some, or even impossible. The walk-in-bath solves entry challenges. A door is on the side needs to be closed before you begin to fill the bath. It seals tight so that no water can escape. There’s no need to climb over a high edge which can challenge balance and strength.

In addition to walk-in baths, there are walk-in showers and wet rooms. If you’re looking for luxury walk-in baths, we can also help. We have a close relationship with many walk-in bath manufacturers and have access to preferential prices.  We can also help with sourcing a walk-in bath powered seat for even easier access and comfort.

Walk-in bath features

When it comes to making your purchase, our walk-in bath features are varied. You decide on door options and size, whether it has a powered seat or a bench and which faucets or jet options you prefer. With regards to whether you opt for an inward or outward swinging door, we think there isn’t a lot of difference. Other people prefer the outward swinging door as there is more room to get settled in before you close the door.

The size of the bath should cater to the largest user in your home. It needs to be comfortable and roomy enough for a person to be able to bathe themselves. Most of our customers elect to have a seat inside the walk-in bath so that they don’t need to go down to ground level in order to use it. Both water jets and air jets are available. If hydrotherapy is helpful to your condition, be sure to ask about them and include them on your list of preferences.

Walk-in bath and shower combinations

Our bathroom planning experts have extensive experience in designing and installing bathrooms for those with mobility challenges. They will discuss your individual situation with you and together you can determine whether your home would benefit from installing a walk-in bath and shower combination. Furthermore, some of our customers prefer a walk-in shower with a seat to a bath.

We also stock a number of bathroom accessories for the disabled and elderly. Walk in baths and showers are in effect, safety equipment. They can help you or a loved one to retain independence. Therefore it’s important to do your research prior to making a purchase. Consider which options will be of benefit to you. Call us today to discover more about walk-in baths.

Walk-in Showers & Wet Rooms

At Mobility World we have been supplying and installing Walk-in Showers and Wet Rooms since 1990. As we age getting in and out of the bath can become a real problem and a safety hazard. At Mobility World we have designed thousands of safely accessible bathrooms for the elderly and disabled. We can offer the offer the widest range of easy access, walk-in showers and wet rooms available, specifically designed for the elderly or those with mobility issues. We will provide a solution specially designed for you.

All our walk-in baths, walikk-in showers and wet rooms provide a solution that is practical, stylish and with your unique specifications.


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Walk-in Baths
Walk-in Baths

Walk-in Baths

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