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Wet Rooms

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Wet Rooms

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Walk-in Showers & Wet Rooms

At Mobility World we have been supplying and installing Walk-in Showers and Wet Rooms since 1990. As we age getting in and out of the bath can become a real problem and a safety hazard. At Mobility World we have designed thousands of safely accessible bathrooms for the elderly and disabled. We can offer the offer the widest range of easy access, walk-in showers and wet rooms available, specifically designed for the elderly or those with mobility issues. We will provide a solution specially designed for you. All our Walk-In Showers provide a solution that is practical, stylish and with your unique specifications.

Wet rooms for Disabled

Wet rooms for disabled people are fast becoming the ‘must have’. They not only look good, but they make it very easy to move around in. They are also much safer to use than struggling to get in or out of a bath or a shower. Here at Mobility World, we’ve been installing bathrooms and wet rooms for the disabled for several years. We know what’s required to install a beautiful room with increased safety. You won’t need to deal with all those glass enclosures that you find around showers. The room is self-contained, so there’s no need to wall off the shower section. Instead, the room is a spacious walk-in design that looks great and is perfect for those with mobility challenges. If you’re shopping for a wet room for the elderly, you’ll also be glad to know that without all that glass, the room is safer. The flooring is made to be non-slip and there isn’t any ledges to step over to enter the shower area.

Installation of Wet room for disabled

Having been involved in the installation of wet rooms for disabled and elderly for years, we can guide you on which products are available. Our designers can create a space for you that is as functional as it is beautiful.


The wet room flooring is chosen with great care to provide a non-slip surface that makes it easier for the disabled or elderly to use.  Whether you want water to run away in a way that isn’t visible or you’d like a central drain, we can support you in getting what you want.


Whether you’re looking for a high-tech and ultra-modern style shower or just want something basic, we can help. We source showers for wet rooms from a number of different manufacturers who are known for producing quality products. Everybody has a budget they’d like to stay within, and we can help you to do that whilst providing you with a wide choice of showers.


The size of your wet room will depend on what space you have available for it. Just let us know the dimensions of your room, and we will be able to create an interior that not only meets your mobility needs but provides you with a great asset to your home


Our bathroom designers will help you to achieve a space that you love. Not only will you love to use it, but you’ll love to show others how great it looks.


If you have your own ideas about what you’re looking for in your wet room, then share them with us and we’ll help you to make them become a reality. Otherwise, we are full to the brim with great ideas that we can share with you. Whether it’s a remote-control shower, music systems or other modern additions, we can help.


Wet Rooms
Wet Rooms

Wet Rooms

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