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Rollz Rollator Walker Motion Rhythm


For those with Parkinson's disease or a disrupted gait pattern, there is a rollator called the Rollz Motion Rhythm that has three cues. The metronome and the vibration in the handles help to keep the user's walking rhythm in check while the laser line prompts them to begin moving. These cues can each be individually adjusted using the module on the Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator or the Rollz app, preventing habituation.

➤ Designed in the Netherlands.

➤ BHTA approved.

➤ Maximum Weight Capacity:125 kgs (19.7 stones).

➤ User Height: 63" - 75" Inches (160 cms - 190 cms)

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Product Information

Rollz Rollator Walker Motion Rhythm

Parkinson rollator with customizable cues

For people with particular neurological conditions, like Parkinson's, this rollator is designed. To assist the user in taking the first step, continuing to walk, or maintaining a rhythm while walking, various stimuli are available.

Falling due to balance issues is avoided by the stability of the Rollz Motion Rhythm. These cues also prevent gait patterns from festering or freezing. To help the user break a freeze, a laser line could be projected. The walking pace can also be adjusted with the aid of a metronome or the handles' recurring vibration.


  • Sturdy and stylish Dutch design.
  • BHTA approved.
  • App - Adjust the cues.,
  • Laser - Laser line on the ground to step out of a freeze.
  • Sound - Utilize the metronome to maintain your walking pace.
  • Vibration - You can feel the rhythm of the walking by feeling the handlebar vibrate.
  • Stable - The ergonomic hand grips that are adjustable in height should be crossed with a tall, steady gait.
  • Compact - The Rollz Motion Rhythm folds up into a small package that can fit in almost any car with ease.
  • Comfortable - A comfortable walk is guaranteed thanks to the large rear wheels, soft tyres, and foam handles.
  • Maneuverable - Easily manoeuvrable front wheels allow for light steering and motion.
  • Easy aid - The kerb assistant makes it simple to navigate kerbs and doorsteps.
  • Safe - Innovative drum brakes that work in both dry and wet conditions.
  • It comes complete with the full Mobility World support service.



Rollz tray

The tray is an add-on for the Rollz Flex, Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Performance, or Rollz Motion Rhythm. This tray is simple to mount on the rollator and makes it simple to move your breakfast from the kitchen to the living room or some drinks to the garden. A damp cloth can easily be used to clean the bamboo tray.

A tray placed on a Rollz Flex rollator to help carry food from one room to another 

Rollz Motion travel cover

The sturdy travel cover will keep your rollator safe during air or bus travel. The compact cover protects both the rollator and the wheelchair package when they are folded. Even when fully loaded, the wheels move freely. You can still roll the unit forward and steer it by unzipping the top zippers. The Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion2, Rollz Motion Performance, and Rollz Motion Rhythm are all compatible with this accessory.

Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair protected by travelcover

Rollz Motion 3-in-1 holder

This 3-in-1 holder can hold the wheelchair package, a cane, and a bag and is made up of two frame clips and one cane clamp. The clips are attached to the frame and allow the wheelchair package to be placed and carried above the seat for more walk-in space. The clamp can be attached to the cane and then hung from the holders' outside. An additional bag can be attached to the holders as well. The cane clamps include three different elastic attachments to accommodate most cane sizes. This holder is suitable for all Rollz Motion models.

Wheelchair package placed on the holder above the seatThe 3-in-1 holder attached to the Rollz Motion frame

Rollz Motion cane holder

Rollz Motion air tyres

Rollz Motion air tyres come with four pneumatic tyres and an air pump. The air-filled tyres absorb more shock, allowing you to drive more comfortably on uneven surfaces. These pneumatic tyres are compatible with the Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion2, and Rollz Motion Rhythm. If you already have drag brakes on your walker and wheelchair in one, we recommend that you do not use it with pneumatic tyres. Note: If you purchase this accessory, you must install it yourself or seek assistance from a bike shop.

Rollz Motion light

The Rollz Motion light ensures your visibility in the dark. Both lights turn on with the push of a button, illuminating the path ahead of you and allowing those behind you to see the red light. The lamp can be charged using the included charging cable and is standard for attachment to the right frame part, but it can easily be fitted to the left frame part with the help of a Phillips screwdriver. This lamp is designed to work with the Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Performance, and Rollz Motion Rhythm.


Rollz Motion back support

This adaptable back support is a useful addition when using your Rollz Motion as a walker. When you don't have the wheelchair package, you can lean against it while sitting on the rollator. Only when the Rollz Motion is in rollator mode can the back support be attached to the frame. Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Performance, and Rollz Motion Rhythm are all compatible.

Back support assembled on the Rollz Motion rollator

 Rollz Motion drag brakes

The drag brakes provide continuous resistance, allowing the user to control the rollator's speed. On both sides of the frame, these slowing brakes are mounted above the wheels. When used in wheelchair mode, the desired resistance can be adjusted by tightening the adjustment screw and can be set to zero. The drag brakes are compatible with any Rollz Motion rollator, but they should not be used with pneumatic tyres. The drag brakes are sold in pairs.

Set of two slow down brakes Rollz Motion drag brakes mounted on the rollator frame

Rollz Motion umbrella

The umbrella shields the user from rain and sun and can be attached to the frame, allowing the rollator to be used with both hands. This way, you'll have enough support and can keep walking steadily. The umbrella is adjustable and can be angled in various ways. This accessory is compatible with all Rollz Motion models and is suitable for people up to 2 metres in length.

Rollz Motion umbrella fixed on the frame

Rollz Moton umbrella folded and attached to the frame of a white rollatorYoung lady walking with a Rollz Motion umbrella to protect from sun

Rollz Motion cup holder

The cup holder easily slides onto the frame and allows you to transport a bottle or cup. When folding the rollator, it can stay in place. Only the Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Rhythm, and Rollz Motion Performance are compatible with the Rollz Motion cup holder.

Cup holder accessory for the Rollz Motion rollatorCup holder attached to the frame of a Rollz Motion rollator

Rollz Motion seatbelt

The seatbelt can be fixed with Velcro at the back of the wheelchair package and adjust to the desired length. Make sure the wider, foamed part is at the front of your abdomen. When the seatbelt is not in use, you can unclip the buckle and store it at the top of the wheelchair package. You can convert the Rollz Motion into a walker while the belt is attached to the wheelchair package. Works with all the Rollz Motion models. Note: The seat belt is not a safety belt.

Rollz Motion seatbelt accessoryRollz Motion seatbelt attached to the wheelchair

Rollz reflection stickers

The reflective stickers reflect other drivers' lights, allowing them to see you better in the dark. The stickers come in a set of four and can be applied to all Rollz Flex and Rollz Motion models. Note: Position the stickers on the frame so that they are not shielded or covered, allowing them to properly catch and reflect light.

Reflection stickers on the frame of a Rollz Motion rollator

Rollz touch-up pen

The Rollz touch-up pen can be used to restore the frame's paint. The pens are the same colour as the frame. The Rollz Flex2, Rollz Motion2, Rollz Motion Perfomance, and Rollz Motion Rhythm are available in the following colours: Pebble White, Island Blue, Matt Black, Dark Purple, and Jungle Green. Contact us for previous Rollz Flex and Rollz Motion model colours: white, orange, ice blue, cool grey, and deep purple.

Rollz Motion adjustment handle

The adjustment handle is a lever that allows you to adjust the height of the Rollz Motion's handles. This replacement part is simple to install by unscrewing the old adjustment handle from the frame and tightening the new one into place. This part is sold individually.

Rollz Motion adjustable footrests

The adjustable footrests are supports on which the user rests their feet while sitting in the wheelchair. The footrests can be adjusted in height to meet the needs of the user and provide a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position. The footrests are included with the Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Performance, but they can also be purchased separately if you lose them. The supports come in a pair. Color Available: Jungle Green and Matt Black.

Adjustable footrests for the Rollz Motion rollatorRollz Motion Performance verstelbare voetsteunen

Rollz Motion wheelchair package

The wheelchair package consists of a foldable seat with a backrest that allows the Rollz Motion to be converted from a rollator to a wheelchair. The Rollz Motion is always included with the wheelchair package, but it can also be purchased separately if you lose it. The wheelchair package does not include footrests when ordered as a spare part, so make sure to order these as well if they are missing. NOTE: This wheelchair package is compatible with the Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Rhythm.

Rollz Motion seat basket

The seat basket is a Rollz Motion accessory. It has Velcro attachments for under the seat and can carry up to 10kg. The under seat basket can always be left attached to the rollator, but remember to empty it before folding it. NOTE: This basket is only for the Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Rhythm.

Seat basket accessory for the Rollz Motion rollator

Rollz Motion locking hook

The Rollz Motion locking hook ensures that the rollator remains locked when folded. The hook easily attaches to the right adjustment handle and can remain attached while the rollator is in use. Hook the locking hook onto the left adjustment handle when the rollator is folded and you don't want it to unfold. This accessory is compatible with the Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Performance, and Rollz Motion Rhythm.

De haak is gemakkelijk aan de verstelgreepLocking hook to keep the Rollz Motion rollator locked when folded

Rollz Motion seat cushion

The seat cushion is compatible with the Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Rhythm seats. The spare part is simple to replace at home by removing the old cushion from the rollator and attaching the new one with Velcro.

Rollz Motion arm rest

The arm rest is a spare part for the Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Rhythm. It is located on the horizontal part of the frame and can be replaced at home by loosening the Velcro strap of the old one, removing it from the frame, and replacing it. This part is sold aby the piece.

Rollz Motion nut cap

The nut cap is located on the Rollz Motion or Rollz Motion Rhythm's rear wheel. This spare part is simple to install at home. If the old nut cap is still attached, you will need to pry it off before you can easily replace it. It is available for purchase by the piece.

Rollz Motion handle foam

The handle foam on the rollator handles provides a soft grip for the hands. This spare part can be purchased individually and installed at home. NOTE: This handle foam is only for the Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Rhythm.

 A handle foam spare part for the Rollz Motion rollator

Weight capacity 125 kgs (19.7 stones)
Rollator walker weight 25.6 lbs (11.6 kgs)
Wheelchair weight 7.5 lbs (3.4 kgs)
User height 63" - 75" Inches (160 cms - 190 cms)
Seat height 55 cms (21.5" Inches)
Handle height range: 87-98 cms (34.25"-38.6" Inches)
Seat size rollator 20 x 45 cms (8" x 18" Inches)
Seat size wheelchair 42 x 45 cms (16.5 x 17.7" Inches)
Overall width 67 cms (26.4" Inches)
Overall length 63 cms (24.8" Inches)
Width folded 31 cms (12.2" Inches)
Front wheel diameter 20.3 cms (8" Inches)
Rear wheel diameter 30.5 cms (12" Inches)
Frame Welded aluminium with coating
Handles Polyurethane (PU) foam
Seat cushion cover and transport chair package 100% polyester
Inner cushion seat and transport chair package Filling of PU foam or polyurethane foam
Front Wheels Plastic rims with PU rubber tyres
Rear wheels Plastic rims with EVA foam rubber tyres
Armrests An elastic fibre fabric of neoprene and synthetic rubber (Styrol Butadiene Rubber) filled with EVA foam rubber
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Frequently Asked Question

What is the Rollz Motion Rhythm meant for?

For people with Parkinson's disease or other neurological disorders, there is a rollator called the Rollz Motion Rhythm. The three cues—vibration, metronome, and laser line—can initiate or start a walking rhythm.
This video demonstrates how the cues can be combined and set.

How much does the Rollz Motion Rhythm weight?

Rollz Motion Rhythm is a truly lightweight rollator at only 11,6 kg. It is simple to lift into the car after folding.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Rollz Motion Rhythm?

The weight capacity is 125 kg at its maximum. When there are multiple occupants on a seat, Rollz International cannot guarantee your safety.

Can I also use the Rollz Motion Rhythm as a wheelchair?

If you possess the wheelchair package as an accessory, this is possible. With this kit, you can convert your Parkinson rollator into a wheelchair so you can sit down and have someone push you around.