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Saljol Aluminum Allround Rollator Walker

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The new crossover rollator made of aluminium is a genuine all-arounder that impresses in the country with its off-road prowess while still winning points for being lightweight and manoeuvrable in the city. It would have been an SUV if it had evolved into a car.

➤ German Quality.

➤ Aluminium Frame.

➤ Total weight only 14.1 lbs (6.4 kgs).

➤ Maximum Weight Capacity: 150 kgs (23.6 stones).

➤ Suit user's height from: > 160 cms (63" Inches) to < 170 cms (67" Inches)

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Product Information


Saljol's latest all-purpose rollator.  An aluminium rollator that is quick, clever, and practical for urban environments or "off-road" rural areas. 

The ideal rollator for off-road use and the whole city.

The Saljol ALU rollator is lighter than conventional aluminium rollators, weighing only 6.4 kg*. This makes it particularly nimble in the city because it can be simply carried to use the stairs, public transport, etc.

The rollator is distinctive, fashionable, and desirable for the discriminating user thanks to the clever frame design. A detachable mesh bag with a weight tolerance of up to 5 kg is included with the rollator.

This excellent rollator's comfort is a key component. The push handles are composed of cosy cork TPE, which is non-slip, heat-absorbing, and shock-absorbing. While sitting and resting on the rollator, the large, roomy armrests, which are also made of cork TPE, prevent bruises on the forearms.

Foamed all-terrain tyres offer a smoother ride and reduce road vibration. The unusually big front wheels, with a diameter of 25 cm, make it simpler to manoeuvre around obstacles or gravel paths.


  • German Quality.
  • Total weight only 6.4 kgs.
  • Agile and easy to maneuver.
  • Foamed, shock-absorbing all-terrain tires.
  • More driving comfort thanks to extra-large front wheels.
  • All terrain tyres foam shock absorbing, puncture resistant tyres.
  • Lightweight frame made of aluminium.
  • Armrest made of cork-TPE.
  • Non-slip Cork TPE handles.
  • Anti-slip pads on footplates.
  • Lightweight net bag.
  • Reflectors on frame, tyres, handles, tipping aid and bag & for use in poor light.
  • Anti-slip pads on the tipping aid facilitate tilting of the rollator.
  • Unique braking system-Convertible from standard two-hand brake to one-hand simultaneous brake.
  • It comes complete with the full Mobility World support service.


  • Pearl Grey
  • Magic Black


  • AR54 - Small (54 cms)
  • AR62 - Standard (62 cms)



The comfort back belt allows you to sit on your Carbon or Allround rollator while moving around in safety and comfort. Just relax by leaning against it!

It is much more comfortable to sit thanks to the belt's large and high leaning surface.

The surface can also be seen unhindered thanks to a particularly sizable cutout. Greater visibility is also guaranteed by the belt's reflector strip.



The travel bag protects the carbon rollator from outside influences. It is draped over the folded rollator from behind. The practical carrying handles aid in stowing, whether in the trunk, the luggage compartment on the train, or the hand luggage compartment on the plane.


No need to leave your personal belongings at home—always keep your most valuable items close by. This chic bag for the Saljol Carbon Rollator even has a clear smartphone pocket on the outside. Complete with magnetic lock.



The Saljol padded seat is an add-on for the Saljol carbon and all-around rollator. It makes it easier to sit upright, safely, and more comfortably while using the rollator. The firm seat can be placed conveniently over the rollator's built-in seat.



The high-quality wooden tray was specially designed for our Saljol rollators. It's made of beech wood and was made in Germany. You can easily transport various items with the help of a tray. In this manner, your rollator transforms into a serving trolley. Place the tray on the seat with the narrow side facing forward and the cutouts on the left and right on the perches when standing in the rollator.You can load the tray with 20 kg.



An add-on for the Saljol carbon and all-around rollator is the Saljol umbrella. With both hands on the handles, you can use the rollator safely thanks to its simple attachment to the frame. You can use the umbrella as a sunshade in addition to keeping you dry while walking in the rain.



The Saljol cane holder attaches to the side of your rollator and securely holds your walking stick. It is height-adjustable and can be fixed to the left or right.



The bell on your rollator allows you to draw attention to yourself in public places. Simply screw it on and ring it. Just like on a bicycle!



The Saljol LED Lamp Light is a powerful light that illuminates your path and keeps you visible, making it perfect for those gloomy winter evenings. With the aid of this essential accessory, you can see approaching pedestrians and other dangers much more clearly while taking a nighttime stroll.


Allround Rollator AR54 AR62
Recommended body height Metric:<170 cms
Imperial: <67" Inches
Metric: >160 cms
Imperial: >63" Inches
Maximum user weight Metric: 150 kgs
Imperial: 23.6 stones
Metric: 150 kgs
Imperial: 23.6 stones
Total weight without net bag Metric: 6.3 kgs
Imperial: 14 lbs
Metric: 6.4 kgs
Imperial: 14.1 lbs
Total weight with net bag Metric: 6.5 kgs
Imperial: 14.3 lbs
Metric: 6.6 kgs
Imperial: 14.6 lbs
Maximum net bag load Metric: 5 kgs
Imperial: 11 lbs
Metric: 5 kgs
Imperial: 11 lbs
Width (open) Metric: 61 cms
Imperial: 24" Inches
Metric: 61 cms
Imperial: 24" Inches
Width (closed) Metric: 21 cms
Imperial: 8.3" Inches
Metric: 21 cms
Imperial: 8.3" Inches
Seat width (between push handles) Metric: 46 cms
Imperial: 18" Inches
Metric: 46 cms
Imperial: 18" Inches
Seat height Metric: 54 cms
Imperial: 21.2" Inches
Metric: 62 cms
Imperial: 24.4" Inches
Handle height (adjustable) Metric: 76–88 cms
Imperial: 30"-34.6" Inches
Metric: 81–103 cms
Imperial: 32"-40.6" Inches
Harrow Showroom:
78-80 Station Road, Harrow, Middx. HA1 2RX.

020 3974 2624

Letchworth Showroom:
Birds Hill, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 1HX

01462 418041

Frequently Asked Question

How heavy is the alumunium allround rollator?

The Saljol aluminium allround Rollator weight 6.5-6.6 kgs including the bag. The rollator weight less than 6.3-6.4 kgs without the bag.

Can I fold and unfold the Aluminium Allround Rollator?

Yes, the Saljol Aluminium Allround Rollator is foldable.

Can I carry the Aluminium Allround Rollator up the stairs?

The carrying handle on the Saljol Aluminium Allround Rollator is ergonomic. You can even carry the rollator up the stairs with one hand thanks to the carrying handle and lightweight. This way, you can safely walk up the stairs while holding on to the railing with the other hand.



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