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Building With Flexiloc

Building With Flexiloc

To build with Flexiloc’s modular system is simple anWorking with Flexilocd intuitive. It is the same basic principle as building with a child’s building blocks. All bespoke packs of Flexiloc and pre-packed kits come with easy-to-understand instructions and advise on how best to construct the ramp that best suits the location. In addition, all first-time buyers of Flexiloc receive a free instruction video which shows how you can easily create ramps with different gradients using just five elements from Flexiloc.

Flexiloc components

The individual components are shown below and are sold individually.

Ordering Flexiloc

Before you start building with Flexiloc it is important to ensure that you have the right amount and type of tiles and locks for the ramp you want to build. Please provide a simple sketch of the ramp you need with some basic measurements and we will calculate what quantities and type of tiles and locks you will need.

Alternatively, Contact us on 01462 708830 or request a call back.

Download Building A Ramp  An Intrduction



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