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Companion Stairlifts and Homelifts

Easy access to your entire home

Gain easy access to upstairs no matter what your staircase style is. Most of us will reach the point where negotiating the stairs can be a bit tricky. Not being able to go upstairs whenever you want to can be frustrating. You wonder whether you should move home or move your bedroom downstairs. In some cases, you could even be compromising your safety by trying to climb the stairs when you’re not at your most agile.

Companion stairlift

Installing a Companion Stairlift can solve access issues and you can keep yourself safe. You won’t need to move as you’ll be able to easily ascend the stairs anytime you want to.

Benefits of the Companion Stair Lift 

In addition to the quality of workmanship and dependability offered by this brand, here’s why we recommend Companion Stair Lifts:
  • Enjoy easy access to upstairs – no more ideas about needing to move home or move your bedroom or bathroom downstairs.
  • Quiet and smooth – use the stairlift any time of day or night and it’s virtually silent.
  • Smooth ride – no jolting or bumping, it’s a ride as smooth as can be.
  • Your choice of style – no matter what your décor is, we have the right seat for you.
  • Folding seat and arms – your Companion stairlift won’t block the staircase for others, it folds back discretely
  • User-friendly – the controls are easy to use and self-explanatory.
  • Footrest – you won’t be dangling your feet as they’ll be on the footrest
  • No cables – Companion stairlifts operate on two DC batteries, so there’s nothing to trip you up.

Isn’t it time you installed a Companion Stairlift? OR Retain your independence with an Acorn Stair Lift?

Companion Stair Lifts

Which model?

1000 Straight, 950 Compact, 950+ Compact, 2000 Curved, Freecurve. We have a close relationship with Companion Stair Lifts and can guide you to the right model. You can choose how the stair lift looks too so that it matches your décor.

How is it powered?

Powered by two DC batteries, your stairlift won’t have any protruding cables that could trip you up. The rail plugs into the main and it’s this that charges the batteries. In the unlikely event of a power cut you’ll still have enough charge to make a limited number of stair ascents and descents. If for some reason your lift is not charging, then you’ll be given a warning with an audible and visual signal.


The cost of a Companion Stairlift is well within the financial reach of most people. It also provides a solution that means you don’t have to move downstairs or move home. Call us today and we’ll give you a quote. We have a close relationship with the manufacturers and this reflects in our prices.


Companion Stair Lifts are known globally for their customer service and so are we. We are driven by a passion to help our customers by providing them with whatever they need to be more mobile and retain their independence. If you have any issues with your stair lift, we are there to help and happy to do so.


Installation is easy and fast. Every Companion stairlift is made to order. Measurements are taken by a technical surveyor. When the stair lift arrives, it’s been tested and is ready to fit to your staircase.


Companion Stairlifts offer a 12-month warranty on all parts and labour. You can rest assured that you’ll be supported.


If your stairlift breaks down we can arrange for somebody to come out to repair it for you. A Companion Stairlift can help you to keep your independence You can stay living in your home. You won’t need to move your bedroom downstairs or need help to ascend the stairs. A Companion Stairlift can make it possible for you to continue living with independence at home. The only complaint our customers have is why we didn’t tell them about how easy it is to have a stairlift installed earlier.

The Next Step in Companion Stairlift or Home lift installation….

Mobility World Price Promise As a partner of Companion Stairlifts, we will support you by giving you the best price and customer care. We aren’t hard-selling salespeople, we are here to help keep you independent and increase your mobility. When it comes to stairlifts, we have deep experience and expertise. Call us today about your needs. You can reach us on Letchworth 01462 708 830 or Harrow 020 8424 2512.


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