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Opera Basic 3ft Low Classic Profiling Bed With Cot Sides


The Opera Basic 3ft Low Classic Profiling Bed With Cot Sides is the perfect solution for those who need a little extra help getting in and out of bed. The low 22cm height makes it easier to swing your legs onto, while also ensuring safety coupled with floor safety mats, the risk of injury is removed almost entirely.

➤ Profiling mattress.

➤ Trendelenburg function.

➤ Improving blood flow, aiding breathing for users with respiratory issues.

User-Friendly Handset.

Maximum User Weight: 185 kg (29 stone).

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Product Information


The Opera Basic 3ft Low Classic Profiling Bed With Cot Sides is perfect for those who need a little bit of extra help when it comes to getting in and out of bed. The bed can be lowered to just 22cm from the floor, greatly reducing the risk of impact injury from falls. When coupled with floor safety mats, the risk of injury is removed almost entirely. This low height also makes it easier to swing legs onto the bed. Plus, the cot sides make it easy to ensure that your loved one stays safe and secure while they sleep.

The Opera Basic's profiling mattress platform allows the user to adjust the backrest and knee-break of the base to sit up in bed and elevate their knees or feet. This ensures comfort and improves circulation. With its sleek design, the Classic is perfect for any bedroom.

Looking for a comfortable and practical bed that can also help with respiratory conditions? Look no further than the Opera Basic 3ft Low Classic Profiling Bed With Cot Sides. This bed features a Trendelenburg function, which allows you to adjust the tilt of the bed both forwards and backwards, improving blood flow and making it easier for users with respiratory problems to breathe.

This bed has been designed with your safety and comfort in mind. The easy-to-use handset makes operation a breeze, while the locking feature ensures that all Trendelenburg functions are disabled when not in use. With Opera, you can rest assured that you're getting the highest quality product available.

Our Opera Basic profiling bed has been designed with your safety and comfort in mind. The 8” mattress capacity means you can use a wide variety of mattresses, without having to worry about whether or not they will fit. And because the bed complies with bed rail regulations, you can be sure that it is safe and easy to use.


  • Low Height Safety - Gives users added safety if they’re at risk of bed falls. The low height of 22cm helps reduce impact injury should a fall happen. The low height also makes it easier to swing your legs onto the bed.
  • Raises for Nursing - The Classic Low raises up to near waist level which helps caregivers facilitate on-bed care without bending over. The height adjustment also allows users to set their perfect access height.
  • Supportive Positions - The profiling mattress platform allows the Classic Low to be adjusted to suit your perfect position. Sit up comfortably by raising the backrest and lift your legs easily with the elevating leg rest.
  • Tilting Position - The Classic Low has a Trendelenburg position which is ideal for users with respiratory or postural medical conditions. This feature allows the bed to tilt forward and back and should be operated by a professional.
  • Easy Controls - The Classic Low is controlled by a wired handset that clips to the side of the bed for easy storage. 
  • Wood Colour Choices: Oak, Premium Oyster or Walnut.
  • Cot Side - If you or your loved one are at risk of falls from bed. Rails provides added safety, and are operated from outside the bed.
  • It comes complete with the full Mobility World support service.

    Please click the links below for more information on our range of Opera Mattresses and select one to suit your needs.



    Visit Mobility World today and see one of our needs assessors at our Harrow Store: 020 3974 1605 or Letchworth Store: 01462 416468.

    The Mattress can be purchased separately

    Mattresses that are shown on beds are for illustrative purposes only.

    BED SIZE: 90 cm / 3 ft Single

    WOOD COLOURS: Oak, Premium Oyster and Walnut

    Metric Imperial
    Bed Size 90 cm 3ft
    Maximum User Weight 185 kgs 29 stones
    Safe Working Load 220 kgs 34.5 stones
    Headboard Height 81.5 cms 32" Inches
    External Length 218 cms 86" Inches
    External Width 105.5 cms 41.5" Inches
    Height Range (floor to top of mattress platform) 22-62 cms 8.5"-23" Inches
    External Height (in lowest position) 81.5 cms 32" Inches
    External Height (in highest position) 122.5 cms 48.25" Inches
    Mattress Depth Capacity (Compatible with side rails) Up to 20.3 cms Up to 8" Inches
    Recommended Mattress Length 200 cms 78.8" Inches
    Recommended Mattress Width 90 cms 35.5" Inches
    Maximum (Anti-) Trendelenburg Angle 11.5º Degrees
    Maximum External Length (in Trendelenburg) Metric: 230 cms 90.5" Inches
    Back Rest Length 74.5 cms 29.25" Inches
    Thigh Rest Length 35 cms 13.8" Inches
    Leg Rest Length 54 cms 21.25" Inches
    Maximum Back Rest Angle 70º Degrees
    Maximum Leg Rest Angle 30º Degrees
    Power Cord Length 210 cms 82.8" Inches
    Hoist Clearance Unrestricted
    4 Braked Twin Castors 100 mm 4" Inches
    Electric Shock Protection (DIN EN 60601-2) Group 2 Class B (CISPR11)
    Ingress Protection (EN 60529) Power supply is IPX4, Motor units are IPX4,
    Control Box is IPX6 and the Handset is IPX4
    Battery for Emergencies (EN 60601-2-52) 9V Block Battery (Alkaline Manganese type 6LR61)
    Harrow Showroom:
    78-80 Station Road, Harrow, Middx. HA1 2RX.

    020 3974 2624

    Letchworth Showroom:
    Birds Hill, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 1HX

    01462 418041

    Frequently Asked Question

    What is the benefit of the low height?

    Improving blood circulation and facilitating breathing for individuals with respiratory issues. Having a bed that lowers close to the floor offers two key advantages. Firstly, it ensures a safe sleeping height, and when combined with a padded floor mat, it significantly reduces the risk of injury from falls. Secondly, it makes it much easier to swing legs onto the bed due to its lower height.

    Is this bed suitable for nursing?

    We advise against using the Classic Low for on-bed nursing by carers as it reaches only 62cm, below the recommended 70cm height necessary for effective nursing. Beds not reaching the carer's waist level may hinder nursing and lead to back strain. If you need a bed that adjusts both low to the floor and up to the carer's waist level for nursing, consider our Signature and Solo bed collections.

    Is a mattress included with the bed?

    Mattresses are sold separately. When you click 'Add to Basket', you'll need to choose a mattress. We offer various mattress options tailored to your pressure care requirements and comfort preferences.

    Does the bed come with side rails?

    The Opera Basic 3ft Low Classic Profiling Bed With Cot Sides is available with side rails. As the bed lowers to a low height, some users do not require the side rails. If you do specify the bed with side rails, when not in use they drop down out of the way and act as a wooden side to the bed.

    Can the side rails be operated by the user in the bed?

    The wooden side rails can only be operated by a person outside of the bed. Raising the rails to prevent falls is simple and a finger-operated securing latch holds them firmly in place. The rails can be lowered below the mattress when not in use.

    What happens to my profiling bed in a power cut?

    During power cuts, our profiling beds are equipped with a 29v battery backup, ensuring the ability to adjust the bed to a safe position.


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