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Opera Cool Gel Adjustable Mattress

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This unique mattress features layers of gel-infused foam and supportive base foam, plus air perforations for ultimate temperature control. The combination of these materials provides optimum comfort, spinal support, and body temperature regulation, so you can sleep soundly through the night. Plus, the mattress is adjustable, so you can customize it to your specific sleeping needs. Whether you're a hot sleeper or tend to get sweaty at night, this mattress will help you stay cool and comfortable all night long.

➤ Three layers

➤ Firm but comfortable

Cooling-gel infused foam

Firmness: soft/medium

Ventilated cover

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Product Information


Looking for the perfect mattress to keep you cool and comfortable all night long? Look no further than the Cool Gel Adjustable Mattress! This deeply layered mattress features layers of gel-infused foam, supportive base foam and air perforations for ultimate comfort and temperature control. The gel-infused surface is softer and enveloping, while the supportive base foam ensures a comfortable and supportive sleep surface. Plus, the air perforations help to regulate body temperature, so you can enjoy a cool, comfortable night's sleep.

This mattress is made with a combination of layered foams and cool comfort gel, which helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep. The cleverly ventilated cover material also uses temperature regulating technology to prevent the build-up of heat. So you can rest assured that you'll be comfortable all night long. Plus, the adjustable design allows you to customize the level of firmness to suit your needs. So whether you like it soft, medium, or firm, this mattress can be made to work for you. 

We all know how important a good night's sleep is. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to get comfortable. That's where the Cool Gel Adjustable Mattress comes in! Made with a top layer of cool-gel infused foam, this mattress is designed to keep your body at a comfortable temperature all night long. Plus, the hi-tech gel beads help regulate body temperature, so you can always find the perfect setting. 



Sleep with peace of mind knowing we've got you covered. When you purchase The Memory Adjustable Mattress Profiling Mattress we provide a 5 Year Warranty as standard. For more information speak with us.


Mattress Size Metric Imperial
Single 90CM  3FT
Small Double 120CM  4FT
King Dual 150CM  5FT
Super King Dual 180CM  6FT


  Metric Imperial
Length 2000mm 6ft6
Single 900mm 3ft
Small Double 1200mm 4ft
King Dual 2 x 750mm 2 x 2ft6
Super King Dual 2 x 900mm 2 x 3ft
Depth 250mm 10"
Firmness Rating 2 (Soft/Medium)
Composition Mutli-Layer Gel-Infused, Visco and Comfort Support Foam
Cover Premium Weave Polyester with Temperature Regulation
Warranty 5 years
Harrow Showroom:
78-80 Station Road, Harrow, Middx. HA1 2RX.

020 3974 2624

Letchworth Showroom:
Birds Hill, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 1HX

01462 418041

Frequently Asked Question

Will I get hot on the mattress?

Wherever possible we use temperature regulating materials that prevent the build-up of heat. Mattress covers are intelligently ventilated to encourage airflow and ensure breathability. We also use gel-infused and open-cell foams that have cooling properties.


Can I use an adjustable mattress on a standard bed base?

Yes. Whilst our adjustable mattresses are specially designed to work with an adjustable bed, they are also perfectly compatible with a static bed base.


What are the different layers of the mattress?

1. Ventilated cool weave cover

Protects the mattress and helps regulate body temperature to prevent heat build-up.

2. Cool Gel-Infused Foam

Comfort surface foam infused with hi-tech cooling gel to combat body heat.

3. Memory/Visco Foam

Contours to your body shape for premium comfort keep you in the same rest position for longer.

4. Comfort Support Foam

High-density, firm foam that provides comfortable support and encourages proper posture.

5. Anti-slip Base Cover

Durable base cover that grips to the bed base, prevents mattress movement and ensures stability.