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Upright 4 Wheeled Walker Rollator

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Upright 4 Wheeled Walker Rollator

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Upright 4 wheeled walker rollator also sometimes called the Upwalker has been designed to solve the problem of slouching when using a conventional walker.  A lot of user do not realise that as they push their walker or walking frame too far forward they end up slouching. The forearm upright rollator prevents this from happening and enables the user to stand and walk more upright which dramatically improves the posture and will help to ease back pain.

Walking more upright also reduces the risks of falling plus enabling the user to look forward and while maintaining visability looking forward as opposed to looking at the ground thus giving the user more confidence and independence. In addition will also eleminate painful pressure on your wrists and back,  

With comfortable fore arm supports
Practical removable textile bag (5 kg max load).

Steady and durable
The frame and seat are tested and approved on users with a maximum weight of 150 kg. Light and reliable brakes act on the TPE covered unbreakable wheels. The optimal and rigid design of the frame and the fore arm support ensures the best possible usage comfort (lightness, turning circle and steadiness).

The Upright Walker is available in one size
Seat heights: 62 cm.
Seat width 46 cm.

Height adjustable
The Server W is easily height adjustable in the range from 75 – 120 cm

Hand grips
Ergonomic shaped hand grips adjustable to the position of the hand. Smooth operating hand brakes

With soft PU tires for great comfort for sensitive users

Frame material:

Range of  Accessories 

Backrest & Adjustable Backrest


Backrest The backrest supports the lower part of your back when sitting on the rollator. WARNING – Always lock the brakes by pushing the handles down when sitting!

Adjustable backrest This backrest is adjustable between 70 and 75 cm to the comfort of the user.

Slowing brake

the slow down brake can be adjusted from light to moderate braking of the rearwheels. This is a special device for Parkinson patients or user which need a more stable feeling.

One handbrake

With the one-hand brake, both brakes can be activated simultaneously with one hand. This can optionally be mounted for only the left or the right hand.

Shopping bag

Shopping bag with zipper
Waterproof luxury shopping bag with zipper, carrying handles and reflectors.

Shopping bag with magnetic closure lid. When users have difficulties with a zipper, this bag with lid can be used. The lid is kept closed by a sewed in magnet strip.


The tray is easily attached onto the seat of the rollator. High edges and a non-slip surface make it safe to carry drinks and food on the tray.


Crutch holder

The crutch holder is easily attached to the rollator’s frame. Top clips are designed for crutches with a diameter of 16-19 mm or 20-29 mm. The lower part holds the rubber foot of the crutch.

Fixed Seat

Users who don't feel comfortable on the flexible seat can use this fixed seat. Simply put it over the flexible seat with the two clamps. Seating height increases 2 - 3 cm. If that is too high the seat can be put on the Medium rollator with 55 cm seat height. To fold the rollator the seat can be removed.


To indicate when you come from behind and want to pass



Infusion standard

The infusion standard can be mounted to the handgrip of the rollator. When the user is not able to walk with a mobile infusion standard, he/she can remain in motion with the infusion holder on the rollator

Oxygen bottle holder

This oxygen bottle holder can be adjusted to length and diameter and can be fixed in the shopping bag. With the shoulder belt, the oxygen bottle can be conveniently removed from the shopping bag and carried on the shoulder.


The umbrella is easy to fit and remove from the rollator. When fitted it can be angle adjusted giving the perfect protection against rain and sun.

Transportation Bag

The rollator can be packed into the transportation bag when taking it on a journey. Adjustable shoulder strap, carrying handles and reflectors included.

Technical Specifications


Upright 4 Wheeled Walker Rollator
Upright 4 Wheeled Walker Rollator

Upright 4 Wheeled Walker Rollator

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