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Motability Mobility Scooter Leasing Scheme - Aylesbury

What is the Motability Mobility Scooter Scheme?

The Motability Scheme is a government-funded initiative that provides cars, mobility scooters or power wheelchairs to eligible disabled individuals in the UK.

How do I qualify for the Motability Mobility Scooter Scheme?

To qualify for the scheme applicants must receive one of several benefits:

What is included Motability Mobility Scooter Scheme?

All necessary servicing and maintenance are covered by Motability as well as breakdown & recovery services, tyre replacement and battery replacement and a free accessories up to £35.00 no extra cost.

What does Motability Mobility Scooter Scheme offer?

The scheme offers leasing packages designed to make getting around easier with no maximum age limit - users can choose from a wide range of vehicles including scooters and powered wheelchairs which come with features such as adjustable seats swivel seat hand controls etc..

Is there an age limit for leasing a Mobility Scooter on Motability Scheme?

There is no maximum age limit when choosing a vehicle on this scheme so you can choose what type best suits your needs whether it's small lightweight models ideal for indoor use or larger sturdier models suitable outdoor adventures across rough terrain -

Do I need a driving license to lease a Mobility Scooter on Motability Scheme?

You don't need driving license when using Mobility Scooters

Why should I use the Motability Scheme  to Lease my Mobility Scooter ?

Users lease their Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair rather than buying their chosen vehicle on monthly payments basis instead paying upfront costs, its includes insurance cover, all the maintenance and even breakdown cover is included in this option too!

What should I consider before Leasing a Mobility Scooter on the Motability Scheme?

When choosing a mobility scooter it's important to consider where you'll be using it primarily (indoor/outdoor), where you will store & charge it your budget needs etc.; Also testing out any model before lease is essential due its personal nature and to make sure its the best choice for you.

How much does it cost to Lease a Mobility Scooter on the Motability Scheme?

Prices start from just £13.00 per week depending on model chosen..

What documents do I need to Lease a Mobility Scooter on the Motability Scheme?

You will require proof documents showing most recent award letter stating eligibility criteria along with utility bill/bank statement for proof of address.

How do I pay for my Mobility Scooter on the Motability Scheme?

Once approved for the scheme, you can use your mobility allowance to lease a car, mobility scooter or powered wheelchair.

Do I have to manage my payments for my Mobility Scooter on the Motability Scheme?

No, Motability will be paid directly from your benefits provider which will be deducted weekly from your allowance payments so you dont have to worry about managing payments

Where Can I lease my Mobility Scooter on the Motability Scheme?

You can lease you Mobility Scooter from your local authorised Motability dealer Mobility World in Aylesbury. 

How Do I contact Mobility World  Aylesbury to lease my Mobility Scooter on the Motability Scheme?

Visit Mobility World today and see one of our Motability Experts at our Harrow Store: 020 3974 1605 or Letchworth Store: 01462 416468.


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