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Flexiloc Case Studies

Flexiloc modular ramp system is so versatile that it can be used almost in every situation. To see the examples of different applications please click to the links below.

Flexiloc Installation - Private House

An independent user. The ramp was built by the customer himself

Elaine Denman has suffered from arthritis for 38 years and has spent the last five years in a wheelchair. An occupational therapist until 1992, Elaine lives with her husband Alan near Trowbridge in Wiltshire. Elaine uses an indoor electric wheelchair which is a real boon, but she realised she would need ramps to move easily from bedroom to patio which has an eight-inch drop, and from the sitting roominto the conservatory. Alan, a retired engineer, looked at different ramp options, including steel, alloy and concrete.

“We chose Flexiloc and the beauty of it is that it is the most economical, it doesn’t have to be anchored down and is easy to assemble, I managed it in half a day”, says Alan. “It is aesthetically pleasing, professional looking and doesn’t move. It is also easy to dismantle if needed. We are extremely impressed with our ramps.”


Flexiloc Installation - Listed Building

Listed Building. Overcoming preservation rules.

The listed-building status of a Georgian hotel could create problems for the owners when it comes to ensuring that they do not discriminate against their disabled guests.The preservation requirements make it difficult to build a ramp to access the front door. Using Flexiloc, the owners can create a non-permanent structure built on the existing steps to the front door.

The straight ramp can also incorporate a generous platform at the top where disabled guests even have room to turn their wheelchairs if they wish, and a small internal threshold ramp, in dark wood finish, which is sympathetic with the interior style and ensures smooth access to the hotel’s hallway.


Flexiloc Installation - Social Services

Social Services. The ramp can be reused to increase cost efficiency.

Cost efficiency is generally the driving factor when local authorities start looking for alternative ramping systems. The choice of Flexiloc could reap considerable cost savings on housing stock alone. A tenant in local-authority housing has had a stroke that is seriously impairing her mobility. Carers are eager that the woman should not be re-housed and request that access to the house be altered. Simply and quickly a Flexiloc straight ramp can be constructed to the house’s front door. As the tenant’s mobility improves in the months after her stroke, she no longer requires the ramp. Local authority staff can come and dismantle the ramp in less than an hour. They reuse pieces from the ramp to construct another ramp elsewhere for another council tenant. The house looks just as it did before the ramp was constructed.



Flexiloc Installation - Leased Property

Leased Property. Complying with the restrictions in lease while fulfilling the demands of DDA

The owner of the local, high-street fashion shop wants to make sure his property complies with the demands of the Disability Discrimination Act. His property lease does not allow him to make any permanent structural changes to the property, a restriction that causes him problems when it comes to the step at the entrance to his shop. Using Flexiloc, the owner can create a neat, cornered ramp on the pavement outside his shop. The cornering means that the ramp is accessible from all sides so, does not pose an obstacle risk to pedestrians using the pavement.
The non-permanent nature of the ramp will mean that the owner is complying with the restrictions in his lease while fulfilling the demands of the Disability Discrimination Act.



Flexiloc - Installation - Building Ramps over UPVC Thresholds

The enormous range of thresholds in both commercial and domestic buildings can cause significant problems for mobility and for ramp construction. Structure which can represent a considerable risk to those on crutches or wheelchairs are UPVC thresholds. The potential problems with UPVC thresholds can easily be overcome with Flexiloc using internal ramps. A wheelchair user has been unable to use the garden at her new home due to a substantial UPVC threshold which is part of the patio doors, and because of a narrow semi-circular step leading to the garden. A cornered Flexiloc ramp can be constructed easily over the existing semi-circular brickstep allowing gentle gradient access to the garden and a generous platform on which the resident can manoeuvre her wheelchair in and out of the patio doors. A small wood-effect internal ramp which complements the interior ensures that the UPVC threshold can be crossed with ease.



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