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  • Mway Portable Scooter
    £745.00 With Vat Relief
  • Mway Auto Folding Mobility Scooter
    £2,395.00 With Vat Relief
  • Mway Superlite Auto Folding Mobility Scooter
    £2,595.00 With Vat Relief
  • Kymco K-Lite Comfort Lithium-Ion Travel Scooter with Suspension
    £1,495.00 With Vat Relief
  • Rascal Smilie Auto Fold Mobility Scooter
    £2,450.00 With Vat Relief
  • Hybrid Power Chair & Mobility Scooter Combination
    £2,295.00 With Vat Relief
  • Rascal Vippi Portable Scooter
    £1,050.00 With Vat Relief
  • Rascal Veo Sport
    £1,295.00 With Vat Relief
  • Drive Auto Folding Mobility Scooter
    £2,395.00 With Vat Relief
  • Pride Apex Rapid Mobility Scooter
    £1,395.00 With Vat Relief
  • Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus Mobility Scooter
    £945.00 With Vat Relief
  • Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX Mobility Scooter
    £895.00 With Vat Relief
  • Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Travel Scooter
    £1,595.00 With Vat Relief
  • Rascal Ventura New 8 mph Mobility Scooter
    £2,495.00 With Vat Relief
  • Rascal Vision The Ultimate 8mph
    £3,795.00 With Vat Relief
  • Rascal Vision The Ultimate 8mph With Scooterpac Canopy
    £4,095.00 With Vat Relief
  • Freerider Kensington Mobility Scooter
    £2,299.00 With Vat Relief
  • Mobie Plus Folding Mobility Scooter
    £1,995.00 With Vat Relief
  • TGA Supersport Mobility Scooter
    £3,395.00 With Vat Relief
  • Rascal Vantage X 6mph
    £1,595.00 With Vat Relief
  • Excel Roadster DX8 – new compact 8 mph
    £1,495.00 With Vat Relief
  • The Tandem MPV Mobility Scooter
    £5,995.00 With Vat Relief
  • Approved Used Kymco Maxi XLS Mobility Scooter 2019
    £1,995.00 With Vat Relief
  • Mojo Ultralite Auto Folding Mobility Scooter
    £2,395.00 With Vat Relief
  • Mobility Scooters for Sale

    We sell a wide range of both new and used mobility scooters. Perfect for those who are looking to retain a high level of independence, our mobility scooters are delivered fully assembled, fully charged and ready to use. After 25 years of selling scooters, we know then inside out. We know what you need to consider, and which ones offer which benefits. The mobility scooters and accessories we keep in stock include:

    • Motability Scooter & Powerchair Leasing Scheme
    • Portable Travel Mobility Scooters
    • Folding Scooters
    • Pavement Mobility Scooters
    • Mobility Road Scooters (Class 3)
    • Approved Used Mobility Scooters
    • Scooter Accessories
    • Batteries for Mobility Scooter and Power Wheelchairs
    • Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Tyres & Tubes
    • Mobility Scooter and Powerchair Service & Repairs
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    Why buy your mobility scooter from us?

    Our showroom consultants are always ready to provide expert advice. Equipped with a broad knowledge they can give you the correct advice you need to make a fully informed choice. The model you take home should be perfect for your personal needs, requirements and wants. mobility scooter You’ll be pleased to know that our showrooms also comprise outdoor test areas for mobility scooters. You can test drive our scooters with no obligation to purchase. It means you get complete reassurance that you’re making the right choice for you. We don't advise buying mobility scooters on eBay! After you’ve made your choice, you can test drive it in our showrooms in Letchworth or Harrow. All scooters in our assessment area are delivered fully assembled, fully charged and ready to use.
    • You will be shown all scooter controls and made familiar with your new scooter before the handover
    • Instruction and guidance will be provided on the care and charging of your scooter.
    • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, our in-house engineers are quickly available to put things right. Your freedom is our priority!
    • For total peace of mind, we include 3 MONTHS FREE INSURANCE with our scooters.
    •  Our engineers will also visit you in your home if anything should happen to your scooter with our on-site warranty.

    Get ready to change your life

    Being able to get around on a mobility scooter can change the user’s life. It can bring back lost independence and prevent a feeling of helplessness. However, before buying one there are a few points that we recommend you consider including physical suitability. Doing your homework before investing in electric mobility scooters is highly recommended. We are proud to say we care about your mobility needs and provide the highest standards of service to enable your independent lifestyle. We also stock portable mobility scooters.

    Please note we do not sell Mobility Scooters and Power-chairs outside our home assessment area due to our ethical policy, if you sadly fall outside our home assessment area please contact your nearest branch for further assistance or call Letchworth 01462 418478, Harrow 020 3958 4328.

    Mobility Scooters

    For adults

    Take a look above to see our latest product range of mobility scooters for adults. Ranging from folding scooters to mobility road scooters, we’re bound to have just the right model for you. We also stock accessories.


    We stock 12- and 24-volt mobility scooter batteries for every brand. You can either contact us through our website, call us on 0208 424 2512 or 01462 708 830 or send us an email. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we will source it for you.


    From Kymco to Shoprider, Rascal to Vita 4 we have a variety of mobility scooter brands. Choose from roadworthy scooters and pavement scooters to suit all needs and requirements. With our two high-street showrooms and an online store, we are here to support you in making the right decision.


    If you’re looking for used mobility scooters, you can find a selection here. Using our engineers, we ensure that they are inspected and safe for your use. We perform a multi-point inspection, battery test, free 7-day exchange plan, free 3 months insurance and free 3 months warranty.


    The brands we offer are Mantis and Mway foldable mobility scooters, you can view them here.


    For you to be able to even more mobile, our range of lightweight mobility scooters can be folded and stored in the back of a car. Retaining independence is important to all our clients. With a philosophy of supporting you in making the right decision, whether you buy from us or elsewhere, we will guide you to make the most informed decisions.


    Mobility scooter prices range from under £500 to £7000. Stocking a broad range ensures that you can find something that suits you as an individual. Visit one of our showrooms to see the mobility scooters and to give them a test drive.

    Repair and service

    Just in case you need a mobility scooter repair we are here to help. Our engineers also perform annual services that manufacturers recommend. Multi-point inspections check 74 different points including:
    • Batteries & Connections
    • Seating
    • Wheels & Tyres
    • Controls & Wiring Connections
    • Lights/Horn
    • Brakes
    • Steering Column/Tiller
    • Chassis Joints
    • Transaxle mounts and a full road test.

    Our top 5 mobility scooters

    During 2018, our top 5 mobility scooters include the following:

    Mobility Scooters: What to Look For

    Mobility scooters can provide independence for people who need a little extra assistance in getting around. They can range in price from £500 to £5000 depending on the size, quality and features of the scooter. As there is a wide range available, it’s important to consider what you’ll need from your mobility scooter. Ideally, you’ll be able to come to our showroom to try different models before making your final choice. The showrooms give an opportunity to reassure yourself that a model is the right size, fit and comfort for you. People who buy their mobility scooter online are sometimes faced with the difficult task of putting it together. Here’s an overview of the different types of mobility scooters available:
    • Small scooters (also known as Class 2 scooters) can be ridden on pavements. Some portable scooters can even be dismantled so that they can fit into your car boot. The smaller they are, the easier they can be used indoors and transported. The speed limit for this type of scooter is 4mph.
    • Larger scooters (also known as Class 3 scooters) can go on the road. They are generally more powerful and more suited to travelling long distances. The speed limit for this type of scooter is 8mph.

    How do you drive a mobility scooter?

    A steering column, or 'tiller' is used to control a mobility scooter. Just as when sitting on a bicycle, the rider’s arms need to remain outstretched with the upper body erect for the duration of the ride.

    Questions to ask before buying a mobility scooter

    To help you decide whether a mobility scooter is a right choice for you, the answers to these questions need to be considered:
    • Will you use the mobility scooter primarily outside the home?
    • Can the intended user currently move around the inside of the home with minimal challenges?
    • Will the intended user can follow instructions for manoeuvring the mobility scooter? Is there enough legroom and is the seat comfortable?
    • Do they also have the strength and physical ability to sit upright, steer and control the power vehicle for extended periods of time? The scooter will need to cross slopes and, in some cases, navigate kerbs. The scooter’s controls should be easy to see, easy to reach, use and grip for long periods.
    • Are there any mobility constraints, strength or other disabilities that will affect the safe operation of a mobility scooter?
    • Do you need to use your scooter on public transport?
    • You will need to purchase insurance to cover yourself against theft, damages and third-party claims.
    Our dedicated team are happy to help you to choose the best scooter for your needs.  All our Motability scooters can be tried before you buy and you can even have a home visit.