Flexiloc- Private InstallationElaine Denman has suffered from arthritis for 38 years and has spent the last five years in a wheelchair. An occupational therapist until 1992, Elaine lives with her husband Alan near Trowbridge in Wiltshire. Elaine uses an indoor electric wheelchair which is a real boon, but she realised she would need ramps to move easily from bedroom to patio which has an eight-inch drop, and from the sitting roominto the conservatory. Alan, a retired engineer, looked at different ramp options, including steel, alloy and concrete.

“We chose Flexiloc and the beauty of it is that it is the most economical, it doesn’t have to be anchored down and is easy to assemble, I managed it in half a day”, says Alan. “It is aesthetically pleasing, professional looking and doesn’t move. It is also easy to dismantle if needed. We are extremely impressed with our ramps.”