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    The Trilift Mobility Hoist is an innovative scooter and power chair lift that gives the user the ability to easily transport their own mobility scooter wherever you go.

     The small size and weight of the Trilift mean's it is compatible with most vehicles currently available in the UK without affecting the safe and legal operation of your motor car. Whether you have the smallest or the largest mobility scooter, there is a Trilift to suit your vehicle.

    Check out the Trilift range to find out just how easy it is to transport your mobility scooter or powerchair.

    The Trilift range of easy to use external car lifts are purpose-built for the transportation of light, medium, and large mobility scooters plus power chairs without the need for unwieldy platforms.

    They are easy to operate by a single person and are electrically operated mobility scooter carriers that are fitted onto standard tow bars without the need for straps, hooks or car fixings of any kind. 

    The raising and lowering of your mobility scooter or powerchair is a real breeze to manage.

    Key features

    • No Platform
    • No Straps
    • Affordable
    • Stabilised
    • Easy to park
    • More Ground Clearance
    • Lower Profile Design
    • Locked and Secured
    • Easy to install
    • Lightweight
    • No Noise
    • No Vibration
    • Fully Automatic Bolted Assembly
    • Easy Operation
    • 3 Years Warranty


    You will No longer need to dismantle your scooter in order to transport it or require any assistance to load your scooter into the car. 

    Trilift simply does it all at a touch of a button giving you complete independence and freedom, and what's more, it is compatible with any vehicle currently, in addition, it won’t affect the safe and legal operation of your car.

    If a Trilift is what you need as a mobility solution, then we can help. We have a close relationship with Trilift who manufacture TriLift Mobility Hoist for mobility scooter and wheelchair users. No matter what solution you are seeking to transport your mobility scooter or powerchair, give us a call at our Letchworth showroom or our Harrow showroom. You can reach us at Letchworth on 01462 418462 or at Harrow on 020 3974 1820.

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