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    Rota-Pro® Family of Electric Adjustable Beds

    Based on an Innovative rotational chair design all of the Rota-Pro® family (Rota-Pro® Standard, Rota-Pro® Low, Rota-Pro® Bario & Rota-Pro® Bario Low) have a robust construction aimed to bring back mobility, dignity and independence to users of all shapes, heights and sizes. This bed can be offered to people who are weight bearing and able to walk but struggle transferring from sitting to standing. The attractive beech timber bed frame and specially designed pressure reducing mattress enables users to get into and out of bed unassisted.

    The Rota-Pro® Family offers people with varying needs, different solutions with the various model options. The Rota-Pro® standard is suggested for people 5ft 5 inches and above and up to 21 Stones (135kg). The Rota-Pro® Low presents a lower height range for those users who are of a shorter height (recommended for 5ft 4in and below). Similarly, the Rota-Pro® Bario is designed specifically for the heavier user, with a weight specific pressure redistribution mattress for comfort and pressure relief for the bariatric person. Also, within the range is the Rota-Pro® Bario Low version which blends both the low and the Bario together, being a solution to the heavier and shorter user.

    Key Features:

    • Bed-to-chair function allows unassisted transfer to and from bed.
    • Profiles like a conventional profiling bed.
    • Chair rotation configurable to the left and to the right
    • 3-year warranty on metalwork and actuators.
    • Battery backup

    Included as Standard for any of the Rota-Pro® Family:

    • 1x Medium-high risk pressure redistribution mattress and foot block, complete with water-proof, 4-way stretch vapour-permeable cover for comfort and ease of cleaning
    • 2x bespoke bed sheets for mattress and foot block-including pillow retainer      
    • 1x Simple, clearly labelled user hand control
    • 1x Service hand control for re-programming of profiling, rotation and seating positions to user preference
    • 2x Positioned hand rails
    • 1x Lifting pole with grab handle
    • Programme-controlled rotation and seat feature


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