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Collection: Wheelchairs

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  • Karma Flexx Transit Wheelchair
  • Karma Flexx Self Propelled Wheelchair
  • Karma Flexx Tall Transit Wheelchair
  • Karma Flexx Heavy Duty Transit Wheelchair
  • Karma Flexx Heavy Duty Self Propelled Wheelchair
  • Karma MVP502 Transit Recliner Wheelchair
  • Karma MVP502 Self Propelled Recliner Wheelchair
  • Karma VIP2 Transit Tilt in Space & Recliner Wheelchair
  • Karma VIP2 Self Propelled Tilt in Space & Recliner Wheelchair
  • Pride i-GO Lightweight Folding Electric Powerchair
  • Rascal P327 XL Powerchair
  • Karma Falcon
  • Whill Model C
  • Rascal P327 Powerchair
  • Rascal P327 Mini Powerchair
  • Rascal P327 Mini Powerchair Seat Lift
  • Rascal We Go 250 Lightweight Travel Powerchair
  • Rascal Rio Lightweight Travel Powerchair
  • Karma Ergo Traveller KP-10.3S
  • Splash Wheelchair Apron (Unlined)
  • Splash Mobility Lap Belt
  • Mway 20" Lightweight Heavy Duty Transit Wheelchair
  • Mway 20" Lightweight Heavy Duty Self Propelled Wheelchair
  • Travelux Venture Powerchair
  • We stock a wide range of wheelchairs for sale

    Just as with many of our other products, our wide range of wheelchairs for sale is available for you to try before you buy. With 25 years of selling all types of wheelchairs under our belt, we are ready to help you make the best choice for you. The wheelchairs we keep in stock include:
    • Self-propelled wheelchairs
    • Lightweight transit wheelchairs
    • Recliner wheelchairs
    • Powerchairs powered wheelchairs

    Why buy your wheelchair from us

    Mobility World has a team of friendly and helpful consultants. We have over 25 years of experience of advising on the needs of those looking for mobility aids and disability aids for improved independent living. The team can empower you to make an informed decision about the solution for your personal needs, requirements and wants. Many of our wheelchairs are available to try in our showrooms in Letchworth or Harrow. You can test drive them without being under obligation to buy. This will provide you with the reassurance that you’re making the right choice. We are proud to say we care about your mobility needs and provide the highest standards of service to enable your independent lifestyle. Please contact us at our showroom in Letchworth 01462 418478 or Harrow 0203 958 4328.

    Wheelchair Hire

    If you require a Wheelchair for short term hire please contact our Harrow Branch on 0208 424 2512 or Letchworth on 01462 708830. We stock both attendant or self propelled wheelchairs at the two locations. You can hire by the day, weekend or weekly.


    We stock a variety of wheelchairs brands such as Karma, Rascal, Pride and Days and the new Whill models that are great for going further afield. If you want something specific and you cannot see it on our list, contact us and we will look into sourcing it for you.  Our philosophy is to bring you the best mobility solutions for you and your needs.


    When it comes to cost, our wheelchairs range in price from £185 to £2900. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight transit wheelchair that would suit home or travel use, or a powerchair, our models are offered on a try before you buy arrangement. Visit us in our either one of our showrooms in Letchworth and Harrow to see the models for yourself.


    In addition to powerchairs, the Whill models and recliner models, we supply lightweight wheelchairs that can be folded for easy storage. Whether you are looking for a transit solution or something to use around the home, we have a broad range of wheelchairs that are lightweight.


    If you’re looking for parts for your wheelchairs, we are here for you. We stock some wheelchair parts and we can also source them. If you let us know what your requirements are, and if you have a part number then that would help, but if you don’t that’s fine too. We will see what we can do to help and find the parts you need.


    In addition to sourcing parts, we can help with wheelchair repair. Our engineers have deep knowledge of wheelchairs and can fix even the most challenging issues. The result is that in most cases, you won’t need to spend on a new model but just have the repair.


    Our wheelchairs come in a variety of different sizes. From the heavy duty to the lightweight, our range should contain the perfect model for your needs. From the Rascal range of powerchairs to the lightweight aluminium travel chair provide a broad range of mobility solutions.

    That go upstairs

    Although we don’t stock wheelchairs that go upstairs, we can source them for you. We also sell stairlifts such as the Acorn stairlifts and wheelchair ramps for home and car.

    That recline

    You may be looking for a range of wheelchairs that recline such as the Karma recline wheelchair. Contact us and we'll provide you with a number of other options of wheelchairs that recline.

    Wheelchairs: What to Look For

    Wheelchairs can provide mobility for people who need a helping hand in getting around. They can range in price from £200 to £4000 depending on size, quality and features of the wheelchair. With such a wide range of wheelchair models available, it’s necessary to have a full understanding of what you’ll need from your wheelchair. Ideally, you’ll be able to come to one of our showrooms to try different models before making your choice. You can then ensure that your choice is the right one for you. Buying wheelchairs online can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes. Sometimes people find that their choice is not right for them. It might not be the right size, fit or comfort. Here’s an overview of the different types of wheelchairs available:
    • Self-propelled wheelchair – engineered to be operated by the person sitting in them, these wheelchairs can be moved backwards, forwards and steered by using the main wheelchair wheels.
    • Lightweight Transit wheelchairs – used to carry a person a short distance, these are usually light and foldable to go into a car boot. Here's a popular wheelchair model.
    • Recliner wheelchairs – designed to be pushed by somebody else, these chairs are manually propelled and have a recliner feature.
    • Powerchairs powered wheelchairs – available in a range of sizes and comfort, powered wheelchairs are operated by joystick controls on the arms.

    Questions to ask before buying a wheelchair

    To help you decide whether a wheelchair is a right choice for you, start by considering the answers to these questions:
    • Under what circumstances will the wheelchair be used?
    • Will the chair be used inside or outside the home?
    • Is the intended user currently mobile in the home with minimal issues?
    • Will the intended user be able to power the chair themselves by pushing the wheels?

    Our dedicated team are happy to help you to choose the best wheelchair for your needs. All our powered wheelchairs can be tried before you buy and you can even have a home visit. If you'd like to discuss your needs with one of our consultants, call us now at our Letchworth showroom on 01462 708830  We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm or our Harrow showroom on 020 424 2512 We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm.Saturday from 10am to 1pm