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  • Upright 4 Wheeled Walker Rollator
    £395.00 With Vat Relief
  • Topro Troja Up Walker
    £549.00 With Vat Relief
  • Upwalker rollator also sometimes called the Upright 4 wheeled walker has been designed to solve the problem of slouching when using a conventional walker.  A lot of user do not realise that as they push their walker or walking frame too far forward they end up slouching. The forearm upright rollator prevents this from happening and enables the user to stand and walk more upright which dramatically improves the posture and will help to ease back pain.

    Walking more upright also reduces the risks of falling plus enabling the user to look forward and while maintaining visability looking forward as opposed to looking at the ground thus giving the user more confidence and independence. In addition will also eleminate painful pressure on your wrists and back,