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Collection: Power Chairs

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  • Dashi MG Lightweight Folding Electric Powerchair
  • Pride i-GO Lightweight Folding Electric Powerchair
  • D09 Heavy Duty Lightweight Folding Electric Power Wheelchair
  • Dash eFold Lightweight Electric Auto Folding Power Wheelchair
  • Rascal P327 Mini Powerchair Seat Lift
  • Pride i-GO Plus Lightweight Folding Electric Powerchair
  • Rascal Rio Lightweight Travel Powerchair
  • Hybrid Power Chair & Mobility Scooter Combination
  • Whill Model C
  • Rascal P327 XL Powerchair Seat Lift
  • Rascal P327 XL Powerchair
  • Foldalite Trekker Folding Powerchair
  • Foldalite Folding Powerchair
  • Foldalite Pro Folding Powerchair
  • Travelux Venture Powerchair
  • Pride Jazzy Air 2 Electric Power Chair
  • Pride Go Electric Power Chair
  • Pride Fusion with Power Tilt and Power Recline Electric Power Chair
  • Pride Jazzy 600ES Electric Power Chair
  • Pride Jazzy Select 6 Electric Power Chair
  • Pride Jazzy Select Electric Power Chair
  • Karma Falcon
  • Rascal P327 Powerchair
  • Rascal P327 Mini Powerchair
  • Power Chairs & Electric Wheelchairs

    For many people, power chairs & electric wheelchairs hold the key to independence – they allow people to continue getting out and about despite having mobility problems, and they keep elderly and vulnerable individuals from feeling isolated and alone in their homes.

    Here at Mobility World, our extensive range of power chairs & electric wheelchairs includes these fantastic portable mobility power chair & electric wheelchair, which can be folded up and placed in the boot of a family car with ease. With features including comfortable seats, ergonomic folding & folding mechanisms, these portable models offer maximum safety and total convenience – two things that are crucial for regular users of mobility power chair/electric wheelchair.

    With twenty-five years of experience under our belts, we’ve carefully curated this selection of new and used portable power chair/electric wheelchair. Whether you’re seeking a lightweight, agile power chair or electric wheelchair with a multitude of bells and whistles, or a simple portable power chair or electric wheelchair for nipping to the shops, we’ve got the solutions that can meet your individual needs.

    The personal approach

    One of the things we pride ourselves most on here at Mobility World is our ability to help our customers find the solutions that are right for them. We don’t like the hard-sell approach – it leads to customers ending up with solutions they’re unhappy with. Instead, we get to know each of our customers and the challenges they face, so we can better advise on the model or style of power chair or electric wheelchair that will benefit them most.

    Try our power chair or electric wheelchair for yourself

    We always recommend our customers try their chosen power chair or electric wheelchair for themselves before they commit to making a purchase. We have two conveniently located high street stores in Letchworth and Harrow, both of which are open five days a week (with Saturday morning opening hours in Harrow).

    If you can’t make it to one of our stores, no problem – we’ll come to you! We can arrange for a member of our team to bring the chosen power chair or electric wheelchair to your home in the local area so that you can try it out and ensure it’s to your liking. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring that our customers come away with the products that will enhance their quality of life and prolong their independent lifestyle.

    Please note we do not sell Power chairs & Electric Wheelchairs outside our home assessment area due to our ethical policy, if you sadly fall outside our home assessment area please contact your nearest branch for further assistance.