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Electric adjustable beds offer increased comfort and flexibility to those who may have a disability, be elderly, or live with a health concern. By allowing different positions, including inclining either the upper body or lower body as well as tilting and height adjustability, individuals can make their bed work for them. Electric adjustable beds also make it more comfortable to enjoy activities such as reading in bed or watching TV - something that would normally require manoeuvring around while lying down. Electric adjustable beds truly allow people to take advantage of its comfort without needing to sacrifice their lifestyle.



Electric Adjustable Beds Benefits 

Electric adjustable beds provide a range of health benefits. Those looking for a raised sleeping position due to medical necessities, or just want the convenience and comfort of being able to adjust the bed with ease from the touch of a button, can benefit immensely from these beds. Electric adjustable beds come in various styles, such as divan, contemporary or hospital-style designs, so there are plenty of attractive options to suit any bedroom decor. In addition many models come with cot sides or bed rails to ensure that even the most restless sleepers can rest assured knowing that they are safe. What's more, you also have the option of adding massage units for further relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Electric adjustable beds offer superior support, comfort and adjustments and they make it much easier to get in and out of bed on your own terms - providing peace of mind not just in terms of convenience but also help when dealing with certain medical conditions.

Electric Adjustable Beds

If you’re looking for an electric adjustable bed at the best price, we have just what you need. Excluding VAT, our prices start below £999 fully delivered and installed and guarantee a quality product that meets your needs. Our range of models can be viewed above in detail, and if you’re searching for something not featured on our site, we can still help; simply contact us and we’ll try to find a suitable piece of equipment for you. In addition, protection products for chairs and beds can also be purchased from our site as well. Make sure to have a browse!


Choice Of Single or Double Electric Adjustable Beds

Electric Adjustable Beds are the perfect solution for those who want to improve their sleep without compromising their comfort. Our Electric Adjustable Beds are available as single or double beds, with individually adjustable halves that feature either flexible laminated slates or metal base sections, designed for adjusting the neck, head, upper body, legs and feet. They are made in the UK and have a full guarantee. For best results, it is recommended to purchase an Electric Adjustable Bed along with one of our specially-made mattresses that are adapted to suit your individual needs. With Electric Adjustable Beds you can enjoy better sleep quality with less discomfort and improved mobility - so don't wait any longer and experience all they have to offer today!

Electric Adjustable Bed Frame Only

Electric adjustable beds have become increasingly popular in recent years, and our range of Electric Adjustable Bed Frames Only is a great choice for those who wish to customize their bed or want to pair it with an existing mattress. And for those in a hurry, our electric adjustable bed frames can qualify for next day delivery when ordered by a certain time. Shop now and find out why so many are turning to us for their electric adjustable bed frames.

Easy To Use Remote Control

Electric adjustable beds have revolutionised sleep comfort and convenience, thanks to the easy-to-use remotely operated controls. All of our beds come with an intuitive remote or handset that can help you find the perfect angle for your most comfortable sleep yet. With just a few simple button presses, you can customize your bed for ultimate relaxation. Whether you're looking for a deep recline to read or watch TV, or extra lumbar support after a long day, our remote controls make it easier than ever to set the perfect sleeping position.


Next Day Courier Delivery

Electric Adjustable Beds, delivered to your doorstep the very next day - what could be better? Place your order before 2:00 pm Monday to Thursday for delivery the following day, or alternatively place your order on a Friday and receive it the following working day. Every product page has an indication of delivery time so you'll know when to expect your new item, so you can plan accordingly. When it arrives, please make sure there's somebody present who is able to move it inside and assemble it - then you can start enjoying the countless benefits of Electric Adjustable Beds!

Fast White Glover Delivery & Installation Service 

Whether you're buying a new Electric Adjustable Bed or any other kind of bed, our Fast White Glove Delivery Service is definitely the way to go. Every product page has an indication of delivery time. Our expert engineers will take the stress out of delivery and installation by bringing your new bed right into the room of your choice and setting it up in no time. They’ll even dispose of any packaging left behind, and if required they'll take away old beds too – all for a reasonable additional cost. With Fast White Glove Delivery Service, now you can enjoy your Electric Adjustable Bed as soon as our team leaves!


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